Top Five Fall Jackets for Men

Top Five Fall Jackets for Men

We can take a guess of what will be on your mind once the transition from summer to fall has been completed: your favorite men's flannel shirt. After potential months in storage, it will be a righteous joy to break it back out to wear with your go-to jeans and a much-loved pair of boots.

But alas, that brief autumnal opening period when all that's needed to get you through the day is a medium-weight flannel shirt can't last forever. Soon enough, you'll find yourself feeling an evening chill and wishing you could reach for something warmer. Fortunately, you can, by taking hold of some of our favorite men's fall jackets.

1. Fleece quarter-zip jacket

The fleece quarter-zip jacket only narrowly fits into the men's fall jacket category. It's just one step above being considered a men's sweater.

That can be considered its greatest strength, as the quasi-sweater quality keeps it versatile enough to wear on nights where it's just starting to become chilly, yet remains too warm to reach for a heavy jacket. In this situation, you'll be glad to have a fleece quarter-zip to pull on.

And what can you pull a fleece quarter-zip jacket over? Just about anything. Whether you started the day in shorts and a tee or khakis and a men's button-down oxford, a fleece quarter-zip jacket will effortlessly layer over whatever you decided to wear when the day was a little bit warmer.

2. Casual raincoat

Why is it that we always think of falling leaves in autumn, and not falling rain? For all the lovely images of perfectly raked leaf piles, there's a good chance that whatever leaves do grace your yard will end up completely soaked from the occasional autumnal rainfall.

Prepare yourself by having a men's rain jacket ready to go. We understand the reasons why some folks are resistant to investing in a raincoat: a longer length can make them somewhat cumbersome to wear, and a downright pain when it comes to stepping in and out of a car.

The solution to this problem is to wear a casual raincoat. As is the case with most types of clothing, a shorter length makes for a more casual appearance. But the benefit has more to do with just levels of formality: a casual raincoat will be far less restrictive to movement, and more easily pair with everything else in your rotation.

3. Zip-front sweatshirt

Similar to a fleece quarter-zip jacket, a zip-front sweatshirt walks the fine line between sweater and outerwear. We'll allow it because this piece is so endlessly versatile.

Picture it: you've just left the office in a pair of dress pants and a men's dress shirt, and you're looking for an extra layer. A men's fall jacket with down would be too much. Fortunately, you have a zip-front sweatshirt on hand. It slides on effortlessly over your workday wear, and even leaves enough room that you can layer a suit jacket or blazer over it.

4. Insulated jacket

As much as we'd like those early, balmy days of fall to keep doing their thing, you'll eventually reach that point when some serious insulation is needed. And what could be a better option for those conditions than an insulated fall men's jacket?

Precisely as the name would imply, an insulated jacket benefits from PrimaLoft® insulation for guaranteed warmth. We have also designed our version to be lightweight, so you can wear it during those just-getting-cold evenings in fall without feeling like you're about to overheat. It's also designed to be packed into its own pockets, so you can easily compress it for travel or even leave one in your glove compartment for future use.

5. Foldable coat

There’s another great men's fall jacket option that you need to know about. Have you ever heard of a foldable coat? If you haven’t, you might need one. Folding coats are simply coats that can fold into a pouch that is built into the coat. They’re great to keep in your emergency bag, car, desk, etc. They’ll keep you warm, but they’re great to have in a pinch, or if you don’t know what the weather forecast may hold. Don't leave your house without one, this fall.


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