Top 5 Sweaters to Wear to Your Office Christmas Party

Top 5 Sweaters to Wear to Your Office Christmas Party

The annual office Christmas party is upon you once again. Much like the block of fruitcake that someone inevitably bestows upon you and the umpteen gifts you need to buy for your kids' friends and teachers, there's a certain sense of obligation involved with this particular festivity. Yet that doesn't mean you can't make the most of the occasion and celebrate it with the true holiday spirit in mind. Sometimes a little fashion inspiration is all that's needed to help excite you. By selecting the perfect women's sweater, you'll have the ideal starting piece to create a great party outfit.

Deck the Halls in a Holiday Sweater

What better occasion than the office party to break out your best Christmas sweater? At this time of the year, you can go all out and make the most of the season without a second thought! And because office parties aren't always the dressiest affairs, it makes sense to have a little fun with your ensemble and take a festive approach to your wardrobe planning. There is a wide range of cute and playful options that embody holiday season perfection, and you can easily find a style that suits your personality. If you're naturally the fun-loving, life of the party sort, you'll look great in a bright and festive sweater adorned with a wreath, a pile of presents, a sparkling Christmas tree, or even a London taxi cab with a tree hoisted on top as it travels through the snow. These are all warm, spirited choices that will bring a smile to your face every time you wear them. If you prefer a more traditional, understated look, you can easily try a chic cardigan with sparkling snowflake embellishments around the neckline. It makes a great match for everything from a pair of jeans and ballet flats to a pencil skirt and comfortable suede booties.

Slip Into Your Finest Cashmere Sweater

At this time of the year, you want nothing more than to stay warm and comfortable during the chilliest days of the year. While there's bound to be plenty of hot cocoa and delicious treats at the party, it would behoove you to dress as cozily as possible regardless. One of the season's best style solutions is the humble and ever-reliable cashmere sweater. This material is simply beautiful, both visibly and to the touch. From an aesthetic standpoint, it exudes a certain sophistication that other sweaters in your closet simply can't match. If you generally love a more refined, polished look, then your cashmere topper is an excellent choice for the festivities. Another point to consider is cashmere's wonderfully appealing texture–few materials can compete with it. It's more than just plush, though; it's also extremely lightweight, which means it won't add unnecessary bulk and volume to your frame. As you get dressed for the party, keep that particular factor in mind. Cashmere's sleeker finish makes it easy to pair the sweater with something more substantial on the bottom, like a pair of wide-leg trousers or your favorite curvy fit jeans.

Play With a Turtleneck Layer

While turtlenecks and parties aren't quite synonymous with one another under normal circumstances, they may as well be during the holiday season. You aren't generally going to dress to the nines unless your company is hosting the party at a particularly swanky venue. If it's merely a party at the office, a restaurant, or a local community center, it's well worth putting on your best layers for the occasion. For many people, that begins with a high-quality turtleneck sweater. The garment is versatile–it's easy enough to wear throughout the season and moves seamlessly from day to evening without a hitch. You can wear it just about anywhere, and it's the perfect layering piece when it's a little too cold out there for your liking. You can wear yours beneath a structured blazer, add a pair of jeans, and step into your favorite heels for a cool, no-fuss look. Or slip it beneath a sleeveless dress, pull on a pair of tights, and finish with a pair of ballet flats for a more dainty look that resonates perfectly with both the season and the occasion.

Grab an Ultra-Comfortable Tunic

You may not even consider tunics very likely contenders for your winter wardrobe. But the women's tunic sweater is among the most practical and comfortable garments you can wear to the holiday party this year. It's relaxed and forgiving, two traits that are very valuable if you plan to eat to your heart's content (as you should!) and simply kick back and have a great time with your friends and coworkers. Pair the tunic with some stretchy leggings, and you'll be all set for a laid-back gathering.

You can't go wrong with a chic and cozy sweater at this year's office holiday party. Show off your style with your choice of sweater, pair it with some accessories, and cheers to feeling great all year long!


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