Top 5 Lightweight Rain Jackets for Any Occasion

Top 5 Lightweight Rain Jackets for Any Occasion

The United States gets over 30 inches of rain annually. And unless you live in the desert, chances are you’ll be seeing a bit of that rain at some point during the year. For that reason, women’s raincoats are essential parts of a woman’s wardrobe.

However, so many women assume that an umbrella alone will do the trick in preventing them from getting wet and will instead wear whatever jacket they have on hand for the season. Big mistake! Doing that not only ruins your clothes but also your hair and makeup, especially if sideways rain and sleet come into the equation. With the variety of rain jackets on the market today, there’s no excuse not to have one. Once you try any of these top five lightweight rain jackets that can be worn for any occasion, you will wonder what took you so long to get one in the first place.

A Reversible Rain Jacket

When you’re confined to one color of anything, you tend to worry about whether or not it will match the rest of your outfit. For example, if you love your pink rain jacket, you may not want to wear red on a rainy day for fear of not matching. For that reason, people tend to opt for colors like black or camel. But what if you’re feeling a bit livelier one day than another? You’ll either need a second jacket or one that brilliantly reverses with a different color or material on each side. No matter what length or style, a reversible rain jacket is a great way to make sure your ensemble is color-coordinated for any occasion.

A Trench Raincoat

Trench coats never go out of style. They are classy enough to be worn with anything, whether it’s a women’s dress and heels or a pair of leggings and sneakers. Even women's winter boots would look great! While they may feature different collars and come in various lengths and different materials, trench coats all have a belt that buckles or ties in the middle for a streamlined look.

A Long Hooded Rain Coat

When you don’t want to fumble with an umbrella (like when it’s so windy you risk flying away like Mary Poppins), a hooded raincoat is ideal. Make it long and make it super waterproof, and you’ll wonder why umbrellas were even invented altogether. Find one that has an inner lining that keeps you warm and dry and an outer shell made of waterproof material that lets the rain slide right off of you. Whether you opt for a belted one like a trench coat or one with a simple zipper, you can easily find one that’s practical yet stylish enough to wear anywhere.

An Insulated Rain Coat

The best raincoats are versatile, especially when they’re both warm and waterproof. When it rains, the temperature typically drops. And even in warm, humid climates, rain-wettened skin can make you feel chilly. That might be a welcome surprise in 90-degree weather, but not during the winter months in colder climates. For that reason, a rain jacket that has insulation is super convenient. It can likely even double as a winter coat in some geographical regions. Be sure to look for down insulation with a waterproof shell.

A Packable Rain Coat That Travels With You

When the day begins, but there’s a chance for showers, you may not want to lug around a long raincoat. Or maybe you’re traveling somewhere that might see a light sprinkle, but don’t want a heavy coat taking up too much room in your luggage. A packable raincoat is what you need. Look for one that is not only waterproof but that is windproof and can easily pack up into its own pocket. You’ll barely notice you have it in your bag or purse until you actually need it.

Don’t forget that rain can happen in winter too, so while rain boots are great, even winter boots may be necessary. Make sure you find a pair that match any type of rain jacket, whether a squall or trench. Some sleek black or camel-colored can work nicely as well. Try to stay away from heels if there is snow where you live, however. Some flat black boots with a thin layer of insulation can do the trick in both winter and summer.

Despite the rain and snow, you’ll manage to stay warm and dry and look great for any occasion with any of the top five best rain jackets mentioned here.


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