Top 5 Bathing Suits for Children

Top 5 Bathing Suits for Toddlers and Children

Clothing can sometimes irritate sensitive young skin. Children can play all day in clothing that seemed fine when you dressed them in the morning, but when they put on their pajamas at night, you might find that there are rashes and red marks on their skin caused by their clothing chafing them. Even if they don’t complain, you should always ensure your kids feel comfortable in what they’re wearing. That’s super important for swimsuits due to the various snug-fitting straps, liners, and waistbands. Any uncomfortable feature, even if it is as minor as a tag that rubs poorly against them, can cause discomfort for a child. As such, here are five excellent ideas for the next time your kid needs a new kids' bathing suit or toddler swimwear.

For Active Boys

For boys who are as active in the water as they are on land, you’ll want something that not only dries quickly but also fits comfortably and provides lots of stretch. Active boys swim trunks should be made of a material that is water-repellent, chlorine-resistant, and includes a comfortable mesh liner. Look for spandex material that stretches and makes it easy for him to move around in. An added bonus would be for the material to come with the highest sun protection factor (SPF) to block harmful rays.

For Active Girls

If your daughter is on the swim team or simply spends her summer doing all things water-related, you’ll want to make sure she has a bathing suit that can keep up with her pace. A sporty one-piece suit with lightweight material is perfect for active girls as they glide through the water. If your daughter is running through the sprinkler one moment and then climbing a tree the next, opt for a suit with thicker material for more durability. You may even want to consider swim shorts and a long-sleeve rash guard if she loves being outside all day.

For Tweens

Kids who are between 8 and 12 years old are at an interesting age because they might feel like they are too old for a kids’ bathing suit, but too young for a teenager’s bathing suit. As such, try to focus your search for a bathing suit specifically toward tankinis for tweens. They’re specifically made to suit a girls’ changing body and are also made with trendy designs desirable for that age range. As a result, your tween will not only feel comfortable but also feel confident. Try to include them in the shopping process so they can get an idea of what’s available to them and ensure they find something they (and you) really like.

For Plus-Size Children

Kids grow at different rates. If your child doesn’t fit into sizes set for their age-range, consider looking at the plus-size category. Don’t make the mistake of simply going up a size or two. Doing so might make the swimsuit too long in the torso and provide insufficient coverage. In contrast, a plus-size kids' swimsuit will allow kids to feel comfortable as their body changes while also providing the same coverage that a standard size bathing suit provides. Look for materials like spandex that provide stretch and also SPF protection. Whether shopping for a boy or a girl, try to include them in the process as well to ensure they find a design and color they love.

For Sensitive Skin

The skin of a child is so much more sensitive than ours. While it may be common sense to lather them up with sunscreen every time they head outdoors, the protection only lasts for a short while before you have to apply it again, especially if they’ll be out playing in the water. And if your child has sensitive skin, you may struggle with even finding a sunscreen that doesn’t irritate them. For that reason, rash guards are great, as they let you focus less on worrying about the sun and more on actually enjoying the sun. Rash guards are essentially long- or short-sleeve tops that block 98% of UV rays. A well-made rash guard should also withstand long-term chlorine exposure and have an SPF of 50. It should also not be too baggy or too tight. Be sure to keep proper fit in mind as your kids grow, whether shopping for a toddler rash guard or a rash guard for teens.

There’s more to buying a kids’ bathing suit than simply the design or color. There are several factors to consider when determining which swimsuit will fit your child the best and also provide the most comfort. These tips should help ensure that your kids are comfortable and stylish at the same time.

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