These Are the Top Cardigans You Will Need This Spring

These Are the Top Cardigans You Will Need This Spring

Spring is coming, which means a lot warmer temperatures, but sometimes that fresh, chilly air can leave you reaching for an extra layer. When that time comes, women’s cardigan sweaters are a great way to stay warm while not overheating. They offer a light layer that can be worn under other coats or jackets if necessary, or they can be worn entirely on their own, with just a light cami underneath for an elegant and conservative style that protects against any light breezes or shady days.

Whether you are looking for an extra soft cardigan in light pastel colors or a bold open-front cardigan that can be worn to casual sporting events, these are some picks for the top cardigans you will need this spring.

Extra-Soft Cashmere Cardigans

A favorite style that exudes luxury and elegance is a women’s cashmere cardigan. This extra soft fabric is lightweight but packs a punch in the warmth department with fibers that are naturally cozier than other fabrics like cotton or polyester. Soft cashmere cardigans for women instantly look more elevated and luxurious, and they can be paired with almost anything from denim jeans to slacks, making them the ultimate in versatility and perfect for everything from backyard barbecues to office hours. For spring, choose a light pastel color in blue, pink, or yellow to represent the season. Pair your cashmere cardigan with white jeans and flats for a look that is elegant, conservative, and stylish.

Bright and Fun Patterned Cardigans

Women’s sweaters don’t have to be boring, and neither do women’s cardigans. This springtime, ditch the dull, dark colors and experiment with brighter colors and patterns. Choose from contrasting piping or polka-dot patterns for a casual look that can be paired with jeans. You can also get creative and pair your colorful cardigan with matching pants, creating a color block effect. This chic style works well with a cardigan, as you can always tone down the overall look with a neutral layer or cami top underneath. Either way, we encourage you to play with color this spring, and cardigans are the perfect way to do this!

Open-Front Cardigans

Cardigans don’t always have to be rigid and ultra-conservative. They can also be relaxed and loose-fitting, perfect for more casual occasions. Wear an open-front cardigan in a neutral or bold pattern with a cami top underneath during warmer months, and when the temperature is still a bit chilly, layer long thermal tops underneath to lock the warmth in. Look for a fit that is a little looser for an effortless, cozy look perfect for casual errands and meetings. Wear your open-front cardigan with jeans or leggings, and pair them with a bright pair of sneakers or booties for an effortlessly cool look that still seems put together. Better yet, when a cold spell moves through, you can always wrap up inside your open-front cardigan for an extra dose of warmth.

Casual, Short-Sleeved Cardigans

When the temperature does heat up, short-sleeved women’s cardigans are perfect for an added layer that isn’t too overwhelmingly hot. You can wear short-sleeved cardigans to the office as they are professional and conservative—perfect for the workplace—but they also offer a layer against that pesky extra-cold air conditioning. Short-sleeved cardigans are also great for when the weather is transitioning between seasons. You can add a thin layer underneath these colorful sweaters and pair them with everything from shorts to jeans. Because of their elbow-length half-sleeve, these cardigans can also be carried through to the summer, and you will be surprised by how many cool summer nights you will be reaching for your short-sleeved cardigan, just in case.

Sporty Mock Turtleneck Cardigans

Mock turtleneck cardigans are sporty alternatives to traditional button-down options. They typically have a zipper and come with a higher neckline that helps protect against any extra cold weather. Additionally, these sweaters come in ultra-warm cable-knit cotton for a look that is classic and chic. Mock turtleneck cardigans look a lot more sporty and sleek compared to other styles and should be worn for more casual occasions. Pair your mock turtleneck cardigan with a pair of dark wash jeans and sneakers or ballet flats for a look that is sleek and sporty.

Cardigans are the perfect versatile wardrobe item for when you are between seasons or need a lighter layer to shield you during the spring. Choose from classic, elegant styles or more sporty looks, and you are sure to find a cardigan for every day.


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