Top 8 spring things your kids need for school

Top 8 Spring Things Your Kids Need for School

Fall is notoriously associated with school shopping, but there are lots of items that kids in every grade need when spring comes around, too. From new clothes to accessories, kids can celebrate spring in style and comfort with great additions to their spring wardrobes

School-Appropriate Shorts

As the weather warms up, kids in many school systems will be permitted to wear shorts to school. This helps keep them cool and comfortable as the temperatures rise, whether they are learning in the classroom, going on field trips, participating in sports during gym class, or having fun on the playground. Dress codes commonly state what is considered an appropriate length for students, but this will vary by district and even by the specific school itself in some cases. Shorts that fall about knee length (like boys' cargo shorts are a safe bet, and these are typically a well-liked length by boys. Girls’ shorts are often allowed as long as they are considered ‘fingertip’ length. Short types to consider getting your child for spring include khaki shorts or tan chino shorts, comfortable denim shorts, and jersey knit or athletic performance shorts.

New Shirts in Spring Colors

Other staples for spring that kids need are soft, comfortable tee shirts in spring colors. Not only are high-quality kids’ tee shirts great for everyday activities at school, they are durable and comfortable, too. Spring colors will help kids look stylish and feel great in their summer wardrobes. Shades of blue, green, yellow, pink, and purple are all excellent choices for spring. Allow kids to browse tees in great patterns, too, such as stripes or floral prints. Graphic tees are also a fun addition that lets kids express themselves. Choose from graphic prints featuring fun animals, space prints, nautical themes, nature themes, camo, tech, hearts, rainbows, and more.

Perfect Spring Polo Shirts

Boys' and girls' polo shirts make the perfect spring school shirt with their combination of pulled-together polish and comfortable feel. Well-made fabrics will keep kids feeling great, and the collared design always looks smart. Opt for neutral or classic colors as well as spring shades to help kids update their wardrobes. An added bonus is that polos look fabulous with a variety of pant and short options, from crisp tan shorts to cute denim jeans.

Cute and Comfortable Hoodies

If there’s one thing that spring weather is, it’s unpredictable! No matter where you live, chances are the temperatures will fluctuate at least a little. A new girl or boys hoodie in a fun spring color or with a great graphic print will help kids keep the chills away all spring. Since a hoodie is so easy to take on and off as needed, it’s a spring essential that is always great to have on hand to accommodate different situations and environments. Kids can choose from zip-up, partial zip, and pullover styles in a wide range of looks from colorful to camo. Sherpa-lined hoodies add an extra level of coziness or choose versatile fleece versions.

Stylish Spring Rain Jacket

Along with a hoodie, a great spring rain jacket is another spring essential kids need. Hoodies are excellent for taking away that spring chill, but they won’t hold up against those sudden storms or sprinkling afternoons. Kids can stay comfortable and dry with a rain jacket. Lightweight versions are great for spring and come in a range of colors and patterns, like solid neutrals, bright spring shades, and subtle prints. Packable rain jackets are also convenient to toss into backpacks or bags.

Spring Dresses

Spring dresses are a great way to greet the start of a new season, from special dress-up days at school to spring holidays and more. Fun striped looks, pretty pastel shades, and spring prints are all good options in girls’ dresses. Choices range from comfortable knits to flowy fabric blends, so she can stay as comfortable as she is cute all spring long.

Short Sleeve Button-Up Tops

Cool and crisp, button-up tops make great spring choices for kids both for school and dressy occasions like church or Easter dinner. Boys can pair them with dressy pants or shorts, while girls might opt to wear it with a girls' skort. No matter how they are styled, a button-up shirt is always a good choice for dressing up a little in spring.

A Tie-Dye Piece

Nothing is as fun and lighthearted to welcome spring as a great tie-dye pattern, and kids can welcome spring in style with a variety of these pieces. While you may not want your darling dressing in tie-dye from head to toe, incorporating a piece or two into their spring outfits can be a fun change. Consider tees, tank tops, hoodies, or jackets to add that extra splash of style.

Not-So-Boring Basics for Spring

When it comes to getting ready for spring, kids can use a variety of new pieces in their spring wardrobes to get through the rest of the school year in style. Thanks to trendy looks ranging from shorts to tops, there are lots of great options that make spring basics anything but boring.


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