Top 5 Winter Coats to Gift This Christmas

Top 5 Winter Coats to Gift This Christmas

This Christmas, give the gift of winter wear that locks in warmth and leaves your loved ones feeling cozy and comfortable all holiday season and beyond. For many, quality winter coats can be big investments. That’s why a winter coat chosen with your loved one in mind can be the perfect Christmas gift.

Here is a selection of the warmest winter coats for women, men, and children this holiday season, so you can gift the ultimate present: no more frigid cold days. Make sure your friends and family are protected from the cold weather this year, and for many more to come, with these perfect winter coats to gift this Christmas.

1. Women’s Winter Coats

There are so many women’s winter coats to choose from this holiday season that you can entirely customize your gift based on where your family member or friend lives. For extra cold weather and subzero temperatures, choose something more heavy-duty, like an expedition coat that is essentially a winter parka with full-body insulation and a fashionable faux-fur trimmed hoodie.

When looking for a coat or jacket that is more suitable for moderate temperatures, consider a lightweight, packable alternative that offers warmth but doesn’t have the heavy and delicate insulation typical in down coats. These lightweight coats, jackets, and vests can be easily packed away, making them easy to store once the weather warms back up again. They’re perfect for gifting to someone who is traveling over the holidays and will need to pack a coat or jacket in a tight suitcase. Women’s winter coats make great gifts as they come in a variety of styles and designs and can easily be personalized with monograms or embroidery to show some extra thought.

2. Men’s Winter Coats

Men’s winter coats make the perfect gift for men who live in cold-weather areas or spend plenty of time in the great outdoors. Waterproof squall parkas are a go-to classic winter wardrobe staple for men who brave all the elements, from snow and icy cold temperatures to stormy weather and rainstorms. These men’s winter coats feature insulation and a water-resistant outer shell that withstands most cold, wet weather, including snow and sleet. Squall jackets come in everything from full-length coats to jackets and vests. For a more classic and formal look, try a sophisticated, long wool overcoat. This outerwear will more than likely need to be paired with layers and is not designed to withstand rain or other moisture. However, it is a dapper look and an appreciated closet must-have for busy men with style. You can find most men’s coats and jackets in a variety of colors, with options in length and insulation, so you can entirely personalize your gift.

3. Girls’ Winter Coats

For the fashionistas on your list, we have girls’ winter coats designed to lock in the warmth, while still being on-trend and fun to wear. In colors that range from bright pink to neutrals, in solid patterns and fun, vibrant designs, winter coats for girls are a great gift idea because they can jazz up any outfit. Better yet, you can always complete the look with winter accessories including coordinated hat-and-scarf combos that are extra cute.

Girls’ expedition coats are great for extra-cold temperatures and the detachable faux-fur trimmed hoodie is a stylish addition that can be removed if it doesn’t match her outfit. Available in different colors and styles, you can choose a bright pink color or a cool blue shade. No matter which you decide on, they’ll enjoy the ultra-warm lined interior layer.

4. Boys’ Winter Coats

For boys of all ages, from little kids to big kids up to 20 years old, boys’ winter coats are ideal for children who love to be outdoors, even when the weather isn’t welcoming. For snow days, snowball fights, and outdoor exploring, winter coats are a must-have and make for a great holiday gift that will be enjoyed for many seasons. Be sure to size up a bit so they can grow into their winter coats. Choose from an expedition coat or a squall coat – the two most durable and versatile coats, designed to withstand everything from cold weather to sleet and snow.

5. Toddler Winter Coats & Jackets

Is there anything cuter than toddlers seeing their first snow? Toddler winter coats and jackets are a must for bundling up in the holiday and winter season. You can opt for an insulated ThermoPlume® pullover coat or jacket that is made from a down alternative to prevent any potential allergies or sensitivities or traditional down feathers. Or you can choose a squall jacket, designed specifically for toddlers, that is easy to slip on overhead and protects against the cold, rain, and snow. Toddler winter coats and jackets come in a variety of colors and designs, so you can entirely customize their outerwear to their personality.

Show how much you care this holiday season with gifts that bring warmth and protection from the cold for everyone on your list.


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