5 Reasons High-Waisted Swim Shorts are in Style

5 Reasons High-Waist Swim Shorts are in Style

High-waist swim shorts are back and hopefully here to stay. This classic cut is reminiscent of those adorable and glamorous pin-up girls from the 1950s and 1960s, adding a healthy bit of nostalgia to your women’s swimwear collection. Flattering and gorgeous for all body types, it is no wonder that these retro beauties are back in a big way. High-waist swim shorts can be a great alternative if you’re looking for a two-piece swimsuit that offers a little more coverage. High-waist swim shorts are modest yet alluring and are super easy and comfortable to wear.

This style of swimsuit is a fun and flattering way to enjoy all the perks of a two-piece with the streamlined appearance and elongated affect of a one-piece. It sounds like a win-win to us! High-waist swim shorts are functional, fabulous, and so much more. Here are the top five reasons high-waist swim shorts are the new darling of swimwear fashion.

They Look Great on Everyone

Perhaps the number one reason that high-waist swim shorts are in style is that they look great on everyone. Regardless of your body type, this swimwear style will flatter whatever you’ve got, offering versatile shape solutions across the board. Remember to wear whatever feels good for you.  Here are some suggestions: If you have an hourglass or pear-shaped figure where your hips are wider and your waist more defined, this style is guaranteed to make you look even more amazing. If you have an apple-shaped body with a fuller middle, this style will also help to flatter your shape. For extra definition, try a tummy-control swimsuit to help accentuate your waist and better define your hips. If your figure is more ruler shaped, meaning your waist and hips are similar widths, these magical shorts will help to add extra curves where needed.

Retro Is In

Retro fashion always seems to be in style year after year. Swimwear joins the comeback of classic cuts and styles with high-waisted swimsuits. Hollywood bombshells like Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth sported this flattering suit, making them a forever retro favorite.

Popular since the 1950s, high-waist swim shorts have stood the test of time. Even though trends of tiny stringy bikinis, ladies still love this vintage look. Cute and classy, this style is timeless and perfect for women who are looking for the coverage of a one-piece with the freedom of a two-piece, all while channeling their inner old school bombshell beauty. Retro style is fashionable, so be sure to add a vintage twist to your swimwear collection with high-waist swim shorts.

They Slim and Tuck

High-waist swim shorts are a favorite because of their forgiving and flattering fit along with their extra coverage and comfort. The higher waistline allows for a snug fit that will comfortably hold you in place.  The longer hemline provides more coverage on your hips. The cut of these swim shorts are flattering on any body type and the extra fabric around the belly and the thighs accentuate your natural curves. You will feel more confident and relaxed in high-waist, giving you more freedom and enjoyment poolside or in the water. This style of shorts gracefully accentuates your curves. No wonder they’re all the rage!

They Offer More Coverage

Coverage is cool and a little modesty is just fine, so you can skip a skimpy bikini if that’s not your vibe. Some people love to frolic in a bikini, while some ladies prefer modest swimwear and more coverage for their torsos and bottoms. High-waist swim shorts offer the freedom of a two-piece without needing to show more skin than you’re comfortable with. Feeling confident and comfortable makes this high-waist bathing suit short a favorite for ladies of all ages, shapes, and styles.

You’ve Got Plenty of Options

The wide range of cuts, sizes, colors, and designs are also what makes high-waist swim shorts super stylish. They are incredibly fun and come in so many designs, so you’ll likely find yourself needing more than just one this season. Choose bright colors and prints, embellishments like buttons and ruffles for an added retro flair, or some ruching that will compliment your silhouette. We love the idea of driving the retro flair home by trying a nautical-themed high-waist swim short and top that will really feel like a fabulous throwback.

There are so many options for high-waist swim shorts, making them fun to style and wear. It’s no wonder these beauties are back in fashion! And it makes us wonder why they ever left.


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