Top 5 Rash Guards Every Toddler Needs

Top 5 Rash Guards Every Toddler Needs

Taking your toddler to the beach or pool can be a challenge. If you can already see yourself chasing your toddler with the bottle of sunscreen, we’re here to make your life a little easier so you can get a little relaxation time in for yourself as well. Whether you plan to be at the beach, poolside, or just using the kiddie pool in the backyard, dressing your toddler in a girl or boys’ rash guard is bound to make everyone’s life a little easier.

Rash guards are apparel that is designed to protect surfers and swimmers from abrasion caused by waxy surfboards or gritty sand. These days, rash guards take on a whole new level of protection. Today’s rash guards have an extra layer of built-in sun protection and are designed to keep out harmful UV rays. While rash guards aren’t meant to fully replace sunscreen, they do offer a strong extra layer of protection.

Rash guards are also made from gentle and fast-drying materials that won’t irritate a baby's delicate skin. Dressing your toddler in a cotton shirt by the pool can cause chafing, rashes, and may even cause them to catch a chill since cotton takes a long time to dry. Rather than changing shirts every time your toddler gets wet, opt for a rash guard that dries quickly and won’t irritate the skin. Instead of beach bags filled with t-shirts, all you need is the right rash guard. Below is a list of the top five kinds of rash guards that every toddler needs.

1. UV Protection Rash Guards

Experts recommend we lather our little ones in SPF 30+ every two hours, or after your child has been sweating or swimming. We can already see your jaw drop imagining all the chasing, tantrums, and endless battles of sunscreen application. Rash guards can save you a lot of trouble with the UV protection they offer. But there are also specific rash guards that offer even more—up to 98%—protection from cancer-causing UVA and UVB rays. Built-in Ultraviolet Protection offers a powerful extra layer of protection from the harmful rays of the sun. If you’re planning a tropical vacation this year, your toddler definitely needs a UV protection rash guard.

2. Short-Sleeve Rash Guards

Having a short-sleeved rash guard for your toddler is perfect for hot summer days by the pool or tropical getaways. Rash guards are great, but they can also feel uncomfortable during hot and humid weather. Fit your toddler with a short-sleeved rash guard that’s ideal for wearing in warmer weather—just be sure to give the rest of those little arms a thick layer of sunscreen!

3. Rash Guards with Fun Patterns, Ruffles, and Colors

Rash guards for your toddlers aren’t only practical, but they are also adorable. What better way to make your baby equally excited for rash guards than by picking the cutest and coolest designs and colors? Make your toddler girl’s rash guard even cuter by choosing a style with ruffles or sequins. For boys, choose a style with a big shark face on the front!

4. Reversible Rash Guards

The fun patterns and designs don’t end there! Choose a reversible rash guard for your little one to double the fun. There’s one print for the pool party and another for building sandcastles—it’s like having two swim tees in one! Being reversible doesn’t compromise on function. These rash guards still wick up moisture and dry fast, all while keeping that delicate skin protected from the sun. It’s even easier to pair with a toddler swimsuit for girls or boy’s shorts on the bottom.

4. Heavyweight Rash Guards

If you’re swimming in the lake or pool late into the summer, the weather might start to get a bit nippy. Heavyweight rash guards will keep your little one warm while still enjoying the water. These rash guards are made from thicker material to keep your baby better insulated. For extra coverage, opt for a hooded rash guard, which also will keep out more of those strong rays. It will also wick up water fast, so it’s a great rash guard to use as a cover-up or an additional layer after spending the day at the beach. Of course, you could simply swaddle them in a beach towel and have no worries about catching that evening chill.

5. Zip-Up Rash Guards

Instead of struggling and wrestling with your toddler to successfully fit their head and arms through their rash guard while they are wriggling to go play, opt for a zip-up. The zip-up rash guard is an easy solution for mothers everywhere—no more trying to stretch a wet suit over their little heads!

So now that you know that rash guards are a must-have for your toddler, which ones are you going to buy?


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