Top 5 Rash Guards He'll Love

Top 5 Rash Guards He'll Love

It's almost time for that winter vacation when you and your guy will travel to a warm and sunny destination for some sun and relaxation. Or perhaps you're already planning your summertime getaway. Regardless of what you're packing for, you should include some men's rash guards.

Originally developed to keep surfers comfortable in the water, a high-quality rash guard is the surest way to protect him and his skin from all the elements that Mother Nature is bound to throw his way. Sun, salt, sand, and just about anything else can be better kept at bay by wearing a rash guard. Whether you're swimming, surfing, or boating, a rash guard has you covered. Check out our selection of the top five rash guards for men to help him find one that he is sure to love.

1. Short-Sleeved Swim Shirts

Swim shirts are a top choice for the beach, pool, and beyond. This functional men's shirt weds the best of the t-shirt and rash guard worlds for versatile and comfortable wear that every man needs. He can even wear them with shorts or men's jeans for a shortcut to the beach bar without having to go home to change. This lightweight protective fabric is also moisture-wicking, making it great not only for splashing around, but also for the gym and any outdoor work or activities that may have him breaking a sweat.

He'll be staying cool and dry no matter where he's at or what he is doing. This sure beats a cotton tee, which takes a long time to dry and can irritate the skin when wet. They're lightweight, so they won't weigh him down on hot days, and boast UV repellent and water-resistant technologies to keep him extra protected and comfortable. This looser fitting t-shirt-style rash guard gives him maximum mobility while protecting him from the elements. Even if your man is not a water baby, a couple of swim shirts are a must-have for his active wardrobe.

2. Long-Sleeved Swim Shirts

Upgrade his swim shirt from a t-shirt style to one with long sleeves. The added length will offer further protection from the elements and any sand or rock abrasions from water sports or play. A looser-fitting, long-sleeved rash guard can also double as a shirt for any active occasion. Not only does this style of rash guard protect him from the sun and the elements, but it also is a great choice to slip on to swim or to keep him warm and dry as cooler temperatures set in at dusk. Like its short-sleeve relative, long-sleeve rash guards go beyond swim and surf and are perfect to wear any time he needs some extra lightweight coverage and moisture-wicking fabric.

If your guy happens to be more serious about water sports, opt for a snugger fit rash guard to throw on with a pair of men's swim trunks for the ultimate in coverage, protection, comfort, and impeccable style.

3. Zip-Up Rash Guards

Zippers are ultra-convenient no matter what anyone is wearing. Zip-up rash guards are no different. We love them for him because they offer convenience and ease. Whether he wears them open or partially zipped, he can reap the benefits of the rash guard but still get a little sun and breeze on his chest. Snazzy, cool, and comfortable, the zip-up rash guard is a style he is sure to love as much as we do.

4. Rash Guards with Extra Protection

Everyone could use a little extra UV protection. Rash guards nowadays have mastered the technology for being lightweight and breathable while also blocking harmful rays from the sun. That's right, ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) rash guards prohibit the sun's rays from hitting his skin while keeping him cool and feeling light and airy. UPF rash guards, like sunscreen, come in a range of protection levels to keep him protected while having fun. It sure beats slathering yourself in sunscreen every couple of hours! Keep one on hand in his beach bag for those moments of unexpected strong rays.

5. Hooded Rash Guards

Hooded rash guards offer a whole other level of protection, coverage, and style that he is sure to love. These water hoodies are great for when the weather starts to turn cooler and offer extra protection from water, sun, wind, and rain. This hooded rash guard pairs well with many men's swimsuits, too. Beyond the waves and water, this stretchy and moisture-wicking rash guard is perfect for walking the dog, going for a run, or attending a backyard barbeque come summertime.

A lightweight and comfortable swimwear option that offers extra coverage from the elements, a cool-looking rash guard will suit your guy well for summer fun. Once he puts on any of these rash guards, he'll never want to go to the beach without one.


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