Top 5 Men's Accessories Every Guy Needs

Top 5 Men's Accessories Every Guy Needs

Men's fashion accessories deserve more respect. All too often, the word is used as code for "something you don't actually need." But when it comes to these accessories, the total opposite is true. From canvas baseball hats to knit ties to a good ol' handkerchief, these are the five accessories that your man needs.

If it helps, think of them less as "accessories" and more as "essentials."

Canvas Baseball Hat

You knew there would be a baseball hat on this list, didn't you? Well, you weren't wrong: thanks to its casual athletic background and practical construction, the baseball hat is at once the easiest hat to wear and one of the most useful.

The uses of the baseball hat are many: on a hot, sunny day, it can keep the glare out of your eyes and the UV rays away from your nose. And on a day that doesn't leave time for a proper shower (or a proper sleep), they can conceal a case of bed head.

But there is one type of baseball hat that proves more useful than all others, and that's the canvas baseball hat. It's not as light as the cotton versions favored in the summertime, yet not so heavy as the wool or corduroy iterations that emerge with wintertime. A baseball hat made from durable cotton canvas is the ideal in-between that you can count on wearing through all four seasons.

Reversible Leather Belt

A natural question to ask the man who only has one room for one men's belt is: black or brown?

And the natural response to that question is: why not both?

With a reversible belt, you can. Reversible belts are just as easy to explain as they sound. On one side, you've got black leather. And on the reverse, brown. All that's required to flip the color is a simple swivel of the buckle. You can worry about filling out your closet with a dedicated black and a dedicated brown belt later.

Leather (or Canvas) Wallet

We know what you're thinking: what man doesn't have a men's wallet? We don't doubt that most men already have one at hand. But we are concerned that the wallet they rely on every day is the same Velcro version they were using in high school.

If your wallet relies on the same mechanism that a grade-schooler uses to secure their shoes, it's time for an upgrade. But at the same time, we don't suggest emptying that wallet of all its contents to find a new one. What we'd encourage is a simple upgrade to something leather, which will pick up a patina in your pocket and look better as the years go by.

Navy Silk Tie

If we had to live on one men's tie alone, it would be a navy silk knit. Silk knit ties are as versatile as they come: casual enough to be worn with a men's sport coat or a blue blazer, elegant enough to be paired with a grey suit. They're also easy to travel with, as they can be rolled up without suffering wrinkles or creases.

White Handkerchief

Whether you prefer to call it a handkerchief or a pocket square, there's no doubt that one would benefit your wardrobe. If you are just now dipping your toes into the handkerchief realm, we'd recommend keeping it simple and opting for a handkerchief made from plain white cotton. A plain white cotton handkerchief can be paired with any type of sport coat or suit under the sun.

If you'd like to add a little extra panache to the plain white handkerchief, you can do so by opting for a simple monogram. How you'd like to display it is up to you: leave the monogram side hanging from the top of your pocket to show some personality, or keep the monogram side tucked into the pocket to stay discreet.

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