Top 5 Winter Wedding Coat Ideas

Top 5 Winter Wedding Coat Ideas

Getting all dressed up for a wedding can be fun, especially if you don’t normally have an excuse to get all dolled up. But dressing for winter weddings is entirely different than dressing for a spring, summer, or even fall ceremonies. You have to account for cold temperatures and a likely possibility of snow while still looking your best and keeping warm.

If you’re going to be wearing your fanciest clothes, the typical winter coats that you wear to run errands or shovel snow might not cut it. If you need to stay warm for some upcoming weddings, here are five of the best types of coats for a winter wedding.

A Dressy Wool Coat

When people think of dress coats, the typical wool coats often comes to mind. Perhaps it is the way they are tailored when they fit just right. Or maybe because they tend to be timeless and rarely go out of style. Something like a peacoat is a good option for a more casual winter wedding, while something like a belted long wool coat adds a more elegant look. The collar can also make a difference. You can find wool coats with collars that stand up, are folded over or that create a deep neckline with a wing-style that drapes over the shoulders as well.

A Long Coat That Protects Your Legs

Due to the ever-changing nature of winter weather, you may want to play it safe with choosing from long down coats that protect your legs and whatever else you’re wearing over them. Long coats also tend to look a bit more elegant than shorter coats as well. A long coat can be made of practically any material, so keep in mind the nature of the wedding you’re attending when choosing one. If you’re going to be attending a winter outdoor wedding, a long down coat or parka can look dressy with the right accessories while also keeping you warm and toasty.

A Fun-textured Coat for Added Flair

If you want to make a fashion statement, consider adding a bit of flair to your outfit by choosing a winter coat that is made of a material that is a little less common than the average winter coat. For example, the “feather” look is in style right now, as is Sherpa – both looking extra touchable while also fun and fancy. Or you may want to wear a sleek leather or suede winter coat over your wedding attire. Just remember that suede might not tolerate snow and rain very well, so have a backup option in mind if rain is in the forecast.

A Rain Coat for Wet Weather

When the weather isn’t necessarily frigid but is otherwise rainy and wet, rain jackets are versatile and classy options for a winter wedding. If you want to look extra chic, consider a trench coat style that at least reaches your knees or just past them. The belted front adds a special touch, as does the cut of the coat. Rain jackets can come in different colors, thickness, and warmth ratings as well, so even if it is classified as a rain jacket, it could still be warm enough to use for a winter jacket and nice enough to wear to even the fanciest of weddings. Camel- and black-colored rain jackets are great options as they tend to match a variety of outfits.

A Coat of Any Color (Other Than White!)

Unless you’re the bride, you may not want to even think about wearing white to a winter wedding. An off-white color may suffice if you’re only wearing it to and from the wedding, and if no one will see you wearing it during the event. But traditionally, the bride is the only person wearing white, so it is wise to respect that tradition. If you want to wear a coat that has a pattern but also has some white in it, you should be safe.

Overall, you’ll want to keep in mind the theme of the wedding and the location to get an overall feel of how fancy yet warm you need to dress. Keep in mind that even the nicest-looking coat can look wrong when paired with accessories that don’t match. So be sure to plan out the type of accessories you’ll be wearing as well, such as a scarf, purse, hat, and gloves for an overall look you’ll love to wear as a wedding guest.


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