Top 5 Boots Every Man Needs for Date Night

Top 5 Boots Every Man Needs for Date Night

Every man has his own idea of what the perfect date entails and each one of those ideas requires unique attire to go with it. However, a lot of men might not be thinking much about their attire until it’s too late to get some new pieces together. So, we’ve put together a list of the best men’s boots that you can wear for date night. Men’s boots come in all different shapes and sizes for a variety of occasions and locations. No matter what you’ve got in store for the special night ahead, this top five list has every type of boot you need.

Why Boots?

So you might be wondering, why boots for date night? Here’s the thing, sneakers or dress shoes might be fine for date night, but there are occasions where boots are just better and will give you an advantage. Sometimes, boots will genuinely look better with your outfit, than any other option. Often, though boots are just more functional. For example, when you’re hiking, you want to wear hiking boots, not sneakers. If you’re going on a date during snowy and icy months or you’re doing winter activities, you need sturdy winter boots with good traction. So, you don’t slip.  You might even be able to help your date if they aren’t wearing appropriate footwear, themselves. Nothing says knight in shining armor like a guy who can stop their date from slipping on ice.

1. The Nice Leather Boot

There’s nothing better for your classic dinner date than a pair of these men’s boots. They’re a guaranteed way to show your date just how much you wanted to impress them. They’ll go with just about everything in your closet, so depending on the restaurant dress code, or lack thereof, you can get away with wearing them either way. For a fancier atmosphere, pair the boots with a darker wash men’s jean —no distressing—and go for a collared shirt and sweater combo. At more casual outings, you can get away with a distressed jean and a nice T-shirt layered with a peacoat or bomber jacket. Regardless, your date is probably going to be so focused on that sweet pair of kicks you’re wearing that it won’t even matter!

2. The Casual Hiker Boot

Sure, hiking may not really be a date “night” activity and more for daytime instead, but it still deserves a spot on the list. Doing something active on your date is always a fun idea, so it’s important to be prepared with a solid pair of hiking boots. This way, you don’t have to worry about anything other than making a great impression on your date. No pressure! A picnic basket with a few of their favorite foods and drinks is always a good idea so you can celebrate your compatibility and making it to the top of the mountain all at once. Cheers!

3. The Durable Snow Boot

We can’t always control when true love comes knocking. Sometimes, it’s going to be in the dead of winter. Make sure you’ve got a pair of these winter snow boots to get you through the weather and the date with ease. An insulated duck boot is going to protect your feet and keep you feeling nice and warm. Sure, some of that warm and fuzzy feeling might be coming from the connection you’ve got going with your date. But guaranteed the rest of it is all thanks to your snow boots. Besides, nobody wants to get cold feet for a date, right?

4. The Comfortable Slip-On Boot

This is an especially great option for the man who is always on the go. When you’re a busy man with a lot of to-dos, it’s great to have one less thing to worry about. Enter the slip-on boot. With elastic gore at the sides to help with an easy on and off, you can quickly change out of your workwear and into something a little less business-like with some cool boots. Yes, slipping on a pair of shoes is a great quality to have, but what makes this style an even better option for you is the use you’ll get out of them. They go with so many different pieces of your wardrobe thanks to their minimalistic design, so wear them for date nights and beyond.

5. The Trendy Chukka Boot

Are you the kind of guy who likes to be the first one wearing the latest trend? Then these men’s chukka boots are the date night choice for you. The low profile helps draw you in, and their comfort level is off the charts. Be strategic about how you style such a trendy boot. Your outfit definitely needs to know how to keep up. A men’s flannel shirt and denim jeans would make an excellent pairing. You could also go for more of the tough-guy look with a leather jacket. Some may say that beards and mustaches are required to rock the chukka boot, but we promise not to tell if you’re more of a clean-shaven kind of dude. All are welcome to try out this hip trend.

We know it can be a tad overwhelming to see the wide range of boot options for date night. In the end, it’s all about your comfort level and being able to do whatever fun thing you had planned without worrying about what shoes to wear. The answer is and will forever be—boots.


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