Top 4 Winter Coats to Wear to a Wedding

Top 4 Winter Coats to Wear to a Wedding

If you’re attending one or more winter weddings, the right outerwear is a must-have. You can stay warm and protected from rain, snow, and cold temperatures and still look polished. The following types of winter coats are a good choice for any wedding, whether it’s formal or casual. You don’t have to reserve these outerwear styles for special events–they’re also great for wearing every day. Here are our favorite winter wedding dress coats.

1. The Long Raincoat

Some winter days are cold and rainy, without snow or ice. A long raincoat is a good outerwear choice for rainy winter days because it protects against precipitation without adding too much bulk to your outfit. Look for a sleek women’s raincoat with a belt closure for the most figure-flattering effect. A neutral color like black or beige is always wedding-appropriate. If you want something colorful, consider an on-trend pastel or a vibrant shade like red.

You might also want to add a pair of rain boots to your footwear collection. You can wear them on the way to the wedding, then change into your heels or flats once you’re inside. There are a variety of rain boot types, including the duck boot. As its name suggests, these boots are completely waterproof, and some are insulated to keep your feet warm.

2. The Long Stadium Coat

Another option for a winter wedding is the long stadium coat. These are some of the best winter coats for when you want maximum coverage. Some stadium coats are rated for temperatures as low as -33 degrees Fahrenheit. The shells of stadium coats are usually crafted from waterproof polyester, so rain and snow aren’t an issue. These coats are typically insulated to provide toasty warmth.

When you opt for a stadium coat, your wedding attire stays completely protected. You don’t have to worry about your dress getting wet because this coat style surrounds you in protection. Stadium coats come in an array of colors. For a modest, always-stylish look, go for basic black or navy. Charcoal and beige are also good for any occasion.

3. The Fit-and-Flare Wool Coat

Stay warm and look sophisticated in a fit-and-flare wool coat. When choosing between women’s wool coats, look for vertical seams, which slenderize and accent the flared waist of this coat style. This coat has a feminine shape that pairs well with formal wedding apparel, especially if you choose a coat that falls to the mid-thigh. The versatile, upscale look of the fit-and-flare wool coat goes well with short and long skirts and dresses; you can also wear it with slacks and trousers. This coat style can be worn with trendy apparel, but it also looks fabulous with vintage styles. Create a polished look by accessorizing with a handbag and shoes that match each other. Black and nude are two solid colors that are always in fashion, but you can also go bold with an animal-print pattern.

4. The Packable Down Coat

For destination weddings, you can’t beat a packable down coat. Packable down coats and jackets are excellent for traveling because they fold neatly into their own pocket. You can then tuck them into a duffel bag or suitcase and still have room for lots of other items. This coat style is a bit on the casual side, but it’s incredibly functional for winter.

Down feathers are extremely warm. They’re also lightweight, so you won’t feel like you’re weighed down by your coat. Some packable down coats are insulated with material that keeps you warm even when it gets wet. These coats come in an array of fashion colors, so you can find one that coordinates with your outfit.

Make Comfort a Priority

Winter weddings are usually indoors, so you won’t be wearing your coat the entire time. Therefore, it’s a good idea to prioritize warmth and comfort over style–although who says you can’t have both? Choose a coat that’s rated for your climate, so you’ll stay warm while traveling to the venue. Once you arrive, you can take your coat off until you’re ready to leave. After the wedding is over, you can wear your winter coat for the rest of the season.

A Note About Footwear and Accessories

As previously mentioned, it’s important to dress for the weather when traveling to an event. In addition to choosing the right winter coat, you’ll also need the right footwear. If there’s no precipitation, you may be able to wear your heels or flats. However, if it’s raining or snowing, you’ll want a pair of winter boots to wear until you get inside. Add cold-weather accessories such as a hat, scarf, and gloves for extra protection against frosty temperatures.

With a little planning, you can look great and stay warm at a winter wedding. There are so many options for coats, jackets, and shoes that it’s easy to find the pieces that work for you.


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