Top 3 Best Swim Shirts for Men

Top 3 Best Swim Shirts for Men

Every guy needs a few pairs of stylish men’s swim trunks to see him through the summer, but that’s not all men need to stay in style at the beach or pool. Well-designed swim tees are practical, look great, and can hold up to all your summer activities. Here are our tips on how to pick out the best swim shirts for men.

1. The Short-Sleeved Swim Tee

A short-sleeved swim tee is a must-have essential for any guy. The short sleeve length is versatile and works for any time of day at the beach, pool, and more. You can throw one on either after a swim or during water sports and other water activities. These are typically made from lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabric that is comfortable, so you can have fun without being annoyed by scratching, irritating material. Look for water-repellent styles that dry quickly.

Another important aspect to look for is the material construction. Styles done in fabric blends that have some stretch will be more comfortable and conform better to your body, so they’ll have a more flattering look. A nylon and spandex blend is a good option. Make sure the men’s rash guard is machine-washable, so you can care for it easily and remove chlorine, salt water, and sweat in the washing machine, and keep it looking brand-new all summer. You’ll also want to look for versions with ultraviolet protection (UPF) that will offer the best safety and coverage for your skin. A UPF of 50 is recommended to keep you safe and protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Need another benefit of these sleek swim tees? They’ll help protect the skin from chafing and developing rashes on boards and more.

2. The Long-Sleeved Swim Tee

Look for long-sleeve swim shirts for men that offers all the factors of its short-sleeve relative, but has a longer sleeve length for additional protection. The long sleeves fully cover the arms, which is ideal if you’ll be out in the sun (or water) for a long time. The extra length on the arms also provides additional coverage and guards against rashes and irritation. If you’re spending long hours swimming, surfing, or doing other water sports, this might be the best swim shirt for you. You’ll appreciate the extra protection the long sleeves provide. It’s also a great choice for when the temperature gets slightly cooler in the morning or evening.

3. The Quarter-Zip Swim Tee

Another great look in men’s swim tops is the quarter-zip swim tee. You can find these in both short- and long-sleeved versions. This style features a partial zipper that can be left up or down depending on your activities and preferred style. When fully zipped, it provides extra protection for the chest and neck area. Unzip it for more breathability and a relaxed, stylish look. They also have styles with a chin guard included for added protection. So, this might be the best swim tee option when doing water sports.

Swim Shirt Sizing and Colors

Your men’s swimwear will only look as good as it fits, so make sure to evaluate sizing charts carefully to get an accurate size. Look at the brand’s recommendations and charts to determine if you need standard sizing or men’s big and tall swim trunks or swim tees to fit you correctly. Swim tees should be somewhat fitted, but not so tight that they’ll restrict your movement or cause discomfort.

In addition, when it comes to the best swim tee colors, guys can choose from so many options. Whether you like solid colors or swim tees with a little bit of a pattern, there is always something that will match your favorite swim trunks!

Other Tees to Add to Your Summer Wardrobe

Besides men’s swimsuits, there are lots of other shirts you’ll want to consider for your summer wardrobe. A breezy beach look for the evening can be a lightweight cotton button-down with a pair of linen pants. Pair cool trunks or denim shorts with a soft cotton jersey tee for a summer dinner get-together. If you’re looking for pieces that ward off the chill on early summer mornings or late beach walks, a fleece hoodie or button-up flannel shirt will fit the bill. You can’t go wrong with khaki shorts and a classic polo for summer events when you need to look a little more polished, too. Don’t forget a few activewear tees and golf polos to keep you feeling cool and looking great for all your summer work and play.

One of these options is sure to be the best swim shirt you've ever had! Remember to accessorize your summer look with sunglasses and great summer shoes, as well as canvas totes and beach bags.


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