Tips to Help Kids Remember to Bring Home Their Coats This Fall

Tips to Help Kids Remember to Bring Home Their Coats This Fall

Hats. Coats. Boots. Gloves. It's a lot to remember each day throughout the cooler months. Every morning, you do your best to make sure your kid is bundled up and ready to take on the brisk temperatures outside. We know it can be a struggle, especially with all the layers, thick coats and sweaters. After a long day of school, chances are your kid will forget their outerwear in the rush of after-school activities and playtime. As a parent, how can you remind your kid to bring home their winter coats this fall? We've come up with some foolproof solutions that will have your kid reaching for their winter coat every time.

Insert Name Tags or Look for a Coat With Name Tags

So you drop your kid off at the bus stop wearing their down-alternative parka, but they've returned home wearing someone else's full-length puffer coat. It's a regular occurrence that any parent has experienced at least once: the dreaded, “Whose coat is that?” conversation. In the hustle and bustle of a school playground or classroom, it's easy for kids to pick up the wrong coat accidentally, or forget their own entirely. Name tags are a simple solution for keeping track of your kid's winter coat this fall. Simply sew a tag with your kid's name on it to the interior of the coat, and remind him or her to double-check the tag each time they put their coat on. Many of our kids' winter coats already have name tags attached that you can simply write on with a permanent marker.

Add a Monogram to Your Kid's Winter Coat

What better way to personalize your kid's winter coat than with their very own monogram? You can choose from a variety of fonts, styles and colors to make an embroidered monogram entirely unique. Not to mention, it will make your kid feel extra special with the attention to detail. Ensure that all of his or her winter items stay together by monogramming everything from scarves and hats to backpacks and lunch boxes. Here are some clever monogram ideas that you could use to make your kids' winter coat all their own.

Include Your Kid in the Coat-Choosing Process

The same way that your child takes their favorite toy, teddy bear or gadget with them everywhere, if they truly love their winter coat, chances are they will also always keep it in tow. Make sure your kid loves their coat or jacket by allowing them to choose the one they want. You can do this by simply narrowing down the options based on functionality (weather, thickness, insulation, etc.) and allowing your child to choose the one they like. This process is made much easier as many kids' winter coats and jackets come in a variety of colors and patterns for all styles. Once your child has chosen the coat they love, be sure to praise the coat and constantly remind your child it with them on outdoor adventures or trips.

Choose a Coat With a Packable Pocket or Pouch

Most of the time, kids see thick winter coats as a burden, rather than a necessity. Sometimes they are thick and bulky, making it hard to carry a lunchbox and backpack, let alone play freely. You may find your kid being extra forgetful during the winter season because they simply don't want to have to tote a big, heavy coat around. If you're lucky enough to live in moderate temperatures, you may be able to trade a heavy winter coat for a boys' or girls' packable jacket, many of which come with their own pocket for easy storage and packing. When your kid is inside, they can simply smoosh their lightweight winter jacket into a small ball and stuff it inside the pocket or pouch for storage in their backpack. This way, no one else is likely to take the wrong coat off the coat rack at school, and you'll feel confident knowing your kid's coat is always tucked inside their backpack. Win, win!

Make a Simple Mental Checklist of All Clothes

Coat, check. Hat, check. Gloves, check. Boots, check. There's a lot to remember once the temperature drops. Thankfully, some of the best qualities are formed by habit. Every morning and evening, go over a fall or wintertime checklist with your child before leaving or returning to the house. This can become a quick and fun way to start the day and reinforce positive behavior by simply connecting, engaging and praising the checklist. Ask your child to repeat the checklist when they are leaving school, so they never forget any of their winter clothes or accessories. Be sure to praise your child every time they make it home with all of their belongings.


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