5 Tips to Decorate Your Home for the Holiday Season

5 Tips to Decorate Your Home for the Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Hot cocoa, crackling fires, fuzzy flannels, and Christmas tunes on repeat. We know you’re also getting excited about the holiday season and are already scheming on the best ways to decorate your home for the festivities this year. We’re all about balancing the right amount of holiday cheesiness without the tackiness. Follow our five tips on how to best decorate your home for this year’s holiday season.

1. Holiday Colors

A great first step to making the house feel more festive is to incorporate some holiday colors and textures. Luckily, holiday colors are gorgeous, and during the holiday season, it’s impossible to mismatch them. Some holiday color favorites are red, blue, white, green, gold, and silver. Take down some of your usual home decor items and replace them with some that come in these festive colors to bring some added holiday cheer into your home. We love the look and texture of frosted decor in either gold or silver. It will feel like the beauty of winter is inside your home without all the cold. When choosing your Christmas decorations this year, enjoy combining and contrasting some of your favorite holiday colors.

2. Rustic and Natural Accents

It’s a holiday tradition for many families to bring in a Christmas tree for the holiday season. But adding rustic and natural accents to your living space doesn’t have to end with a tree! Especially if you and your family do not celebrate Christmas, bringing in these natural items can still bring in some outdoorsy holiday cheer without the tree.

Christmas wreaths are a classic holiday tradition and can bring not only aesthetic charm but also the lovely smells of winter into your home. Go beyond the wreaths and explore adding other evergreen accents and additions to your family’s home. We also love the look of evergreens lining the mantle above the fireplace or wrapped around the banister. Add some lights or candles to brighten up the space and show off that lovely deep winter green.

Another rustic accent we love to make the home feel more festive is to bring in some birch logs next to the fireplaces and string them with holiday lights. This simple yet aesthetically pleasing addition is a lovely and unique way to add a natural appeal to your space for the holidays.

3. Holiday Lights

One of the easiest ways to decorate the house for the holiday season is with lights. Christmas lights, tea lights, candles, and any other soft and mood lighting are excellent and simple ways to dress up the house for the holidays. String some lights along the mantle pieces to light up your family’s personalized Christmas stockings. Lay the dinner table with red and spicy smelling candles set in holders surrounded by evergreen accents. Go the extra mile and decorate your front porch, stoop, or entrance with outdoor-grade Christmas lights to light up the outdoors, too. Whether you’re going for clear bulbs, a single color, or multicolor, string lights are fun for the whole family and go a long way when it comes to holiday decorations.

4. Bedding, Throw Pillows, and Blankets

Holiday decorations don’t have to end with cute accents and additions to your home’s regular decor. Make holiday decorations go a little further by swapping out your usual bedding and living space props for some holiday-themed ones instead. Make the nights before Christmas even cozier with Christmas flannel sheet sets the whole family is sure to love. Also, be sure to put some Christmas duvet covers on your duvets to stay ultra-cuddly on those cold winter nights.

Swap out your usual living room throw pillows and throw blankets for something a little more festive for the holidays. Christmas throw pillows could be all you really need to bring your living room up to speed with the holiday season. Bring in some warm and festive throw blankets to snuggle under while sitting by the fire or opening gifts. These small little updates to your home go a long way without too much effort.

5. Holiday Smells and Sounds

Sight is not our only sense, and you’d be surprised at how the right scents and sounds can do wonders to make your home feel even more like the holidays. Be sure you have all your classic holiday and Christmas music downloaded so you can play your favorite holiday tunes easily. Christmas music will quickly shift the mood in the house from plain old winter to happy holidays at the click of a button.

Holiday smells are another easy way to make the home feel more festive. Bring in some spiced holiday candles to make your house smell warm and fragrant. If you are sensitive to scented candles, go the old-school route instead. Boil a big pot of water with a handful of cinnamon sticks, apples, oranges, cloves, and some nutmeg, and let the smells permeate your home. The perk here is, you can also drink this lovely concoction with a little honey or maple syrup for a great warming holiday-themed treat.

Enjoy this most wonderful time of the year even more by decorating your home for the holiday season. You can even make it a fun tradition for you and the whole family to enjoy. Happy Holidays!

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