Tips for Wearing Vivid Magenta in 2023

Tips on Incorporating Pantone’s Color of the Year (Viva Magenta) Into Your Wardrobe

Pantone selected Viva Magenta as its Color of the Year for 2023, choosing its vivacious, joyful energy to represent the upcoming year. By including Viva Magenta in your wardrobe, you can embody its rich and playful personality in your daily life.

Whether you want to incorporate subtle pops of color into your outfits or center your whole wardrobe around this vibrant color, you have plenty of options for bringing Viva Magenta into your closet. Here are a few tips for getting started:

Choose Playful Accessories

Including a vibrant hint of Viva Magenta can elevate your favorite fits into something fun and unexpected. Viva Magenta is perfect for adding a pop of intrigue and excitement into even the most basic outfits, with its bright pink hue pairing well with everything from neutral grays to vibrant jewel tones. A hot magenta handbag or statement necklace can complete your ensemble and elevate some of the basic pieces already in your closet.

You can incorporate the warmth of Viva Magenta year-round by choosing thoughtful seasonal accessories, allowing you to truly embody the 2023 Color of the Year. Look for women’s winter scarves and hats in the perfect magenta tone to find a cozy way to elevate your outfit in chilly weather. When it’s warm out, consider throwing on a pair of deep pink sunglasses or bringing a magenta swimsuit cover-up to the pool.

Look for Vibrant Patterns

Finding patterned statement pieces gives your wardrobe an infusion of Viva Magenta as either a bold statement or a subtle accent. Picking a loud geometric maxi dress puts Viva Magenta front and center in your outfit, while choosing a floral women’s dress shirt with gentle hints of magenta adds just the right amount of playfulness. Whether you prefer a gentle touch or a loud pop, patterned garments can add extra dimension to your outfit.

You can find Viva Magenta in everything from polka dots to plaids, so it’s easy to pick a statement piece that represents your personal tastes. Viva Magenta is based on a vibrant natural dye, so it makes sense that this luscious color is especially common in tropical, floral fabrics. Patterned blouses, dresses, or leggings featuring this dynamic color adds personality and contrast to any outfit.

Pair Monochrome Shades

Only dressing in one color may sound counterintuitive to an interesting outfit, but a monochrome wardrobe lets color be the star of the show. Monochrome outfits focus on combining different shades of the same color to create a cohesive look. Styling a monochromatic look allows you to create a striking impression while still expressing class and elegance from head to toe. Because Viva Magenta is such a vivid, powerful color, picking more subdued tones of pink and red can showcase its vibrance while creating a cohesive, elevated look that oozes confidence and mystique. You can also use Viva Magenta as a supporting color that adds excitement to an outfit of pastel pinks.

The best part of designing a monochrome outfit is the sheer simplicity–pull your favorite pink and red pieces out of your closet, then mix and match to your heart’s content. Consider choosing a vivid pink midi dress as the central focus, then add a cardigan, belt, and pair of shoes to create a stunning magenta gradient. You can add or remove layers until you create the perfect combination of shades, dressing it down to just a few pieces or adding garments to develop depth and complexity in your outfit.

Use Color Blocking

Color blocking your outfits uses the opposite concept of dressing in monochrome while still producing a dazzling, eye-catching effect. To color block your ensemble, pick a couple different colors that are opposites on the color wheel and use them as the central focus of your outfit. For Viva Magenta, this means complementing it with yellows and greens. By picking contrasting hues, you add visual interest to your outfit and enhance the boldness of each shade.

Getting playful with your choices is the key to successful color blocking, so keep an open mind the next time you check your closet–playing with contrasting pieces may surprise you. Try combining a hot magenta blouse with a vivacious chartreuse skirt to create a dreamy, tropical look that exudes excitement. Experiment with different shades of lime, emerald, and gold to mix and match with your favorite magenta statement piece.

By embracing Viva Magenta, you can bring a bit more color into 2023 and beyond. Although Viva Magenta is having a special moment in 2023, it’s a timeless shade that can bring joy and zest into your wardrobe for years to come. When looking for new pieces that incorporate magenta, focus on picking garments that have a long-term home in your wardrobe.

There are many ways to use Viva Magenta to express your unique fashion sense and personality. Next time you’re picking out an outfit, use this spunky, attention-grabbing color to inspire you. However you decide to style it, you can enjoy the extra confidence boost from wearing such a bright, energetic color.


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