Tips for Staying Warm While Playing in the Snow

Tips for Staying Warm While Playing in the Snow

What’s better than the winter’s first snowfall? Everything turns a bit quiet. The bustle of business seems to settle down for just a moment. Watching the first snowflakes settle on the tips of glistening branches brings on the magic of all that winter offers: family holidays, visits with friends, and playtime in the snow. You and your neighbors enjoy these few moments of calmness before the kids come running home from school totally pumped to take out every conceivable sled, snowshoe, and snowman-building tool they can find. Winter is upon us. Dive in.

We love when the kids want to expend all that pent up energy. But, it’s even better when they can do so outside. (It keeps the living room tidy, that’s for sure.) There are a million activities to hold their interest when they’re outside — sledding, building forts, making snow angels, a fierce snowman competition, and dare we say, snowball fights. While the kiddos are outside frolicking in the snow, you can watch from your cozy nook inside or join them in the festivities. Either way, you’ll be sure everyone is dressed for the test. Read on for some tips on how to keep everyone warm for snowtime fun.

For the Kiddos

Your little ones are the focus of the snow day, right? Keeping them bundled for the best in outdoor experiences makes for happy kids and happy moms. It’s great if you’ve got a full-fledged snowsuit, but if not (or even if you do), think about all those solid underlayers that provide that necessary insulation. Check out some of our kids’ leggings. The fleece-lined ones are an excellent choice, especially in a fun paw print or purple moose. Your little one will adore you even more if you let her pick the wild and crazy color or pattern because you know it’s the cozy fabric that keeps her warm and safe in the dipping temperatures.

Another can’t-miss item is our kids’ puffer vest. The insulated down vests are great at keeping their cores protected from the cold but allow lots of movement to build caches of snowballs behind their favorite log pile. Pair the vest with one of our kids' fleece long sleeves in a bright color to finish off the look. Your kids will thank you for keeping them warm and fashionable.

For Mom

You’re the heart and soul of the snow day. Everyone knows it. So live in luxury and get yourself top-of-the-line women’s winter boots. The squall insulated boots are the best in interior comfort and luxe faux fur, plus they’re water-resistant, which means they’ll be perfect for trekking through the snow. If you’re looking for something a little more low profile, go for the transitional snow boots in dark green suede.

Okay, the toes are toasty. Now let’s continue that coziness upwards. A women’s fleece jacket is an excellent option for outdoor snow play because it's supple and not stiff like a bigger down coat, but insulated enough to keep you dry when you dodge those incoming snowballs.

For Dad

Dad needs to get in on the fun, too. A lightweight men’s down jacket, especially a packable one, is easy to throw on and ultra-wearable for romping around outside. This packable coat hits just at the hips and can be paired with some fleece-lined pants. We recommend the emerald lagoon or bright red so that Dad’s all the easier to spot when you’re lining up that snowball trajectory. He can try to dodge you, but he’s no match for your expert eye. Plus, the jacket comes with a handy exterior chest pocket for storing snacks like chocolates or nuts when you’re hungry and want to call a temporary truce.

Once the snowball fight is won (by you, of course), you can get started on that snowman. Dad is especially suited to sourcing twigs and carrots for Mr. or Mrs. Snowman’s arms and nose, so put him to work. While he’s out foraging, make sure he’s suited up with a knit pattern winter hat (complete with pom pom) in something bright like the blue and red buffalo check. Pick up an extra hat and some boucle fleece mittens in mesa rose or charcoal to keep Mrs. Snowman happy, too. (Really, though, once she melts, keep those mittens for yourself.)

For the Pup

Don’t forget to grab a down vest for your pup—the bright cherry red will match Dad’s coat. A perfect pair. Your household’s favorite furry member will delight in the snow and with a puffer vest, he’ll make a great part of the family photo with the snowman. It’s a holiday card in the making.

A day in the snow is something everyone in the family looks forward to. Remember to keep the layers lightweight for easy movement but weather-resistant for easy play. As long as you’re dressed for the activity with warm layers, the snow won’t weigh you down.

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