6 Tips for Staying Warm on a Cold Morning Walk

6 Tips for Staying Warm on a Cold Morning Walk

Don’t you just love a morning walk? It’s a great way to start the day, enjoy nature, and get your blood pumping. If you like walking when it’s cold, no worries! Lands’ End has experts to keep you comfy on a cold morning walk. Let’s look at some tips.

Check the Wind Chill

This may seem like a no-brainer, but a gorgeous sunny morning does not always mean a warm one. It’s easy to be fooled by a beautiful morning when we're still in our climate-controlled homes. Before you head out on your jaunt, check the current temperature and the wind chill if there is one (we know about wind chills in Wisconsin!). Even if you like to walk at a brisk pace and will warm up as you go, you’ll want to start out comfy. You can always unzip a coat or jacket or even take it off and tie it around your waist later on if you prefer.

If the weather is only a bit cold, consider a women’s fleece jacket over a warm top with long sleeves. Pair this with women’s jeans or yoga pants, socks, and your favorite tennis shoes.

Layer Up

Fleece also makes a great layer underneath a coat for a colder walk. Fleece is a manmade fabric that's designed to keep you as warm and cozy as can be. Fine polyester fibers are woven into a light fabric and then brushed to result in a thick fabric. The brushing of the fleece gives it that fuzzy feel which helps to trap warm air. When you're buying a winter coat, it’s a great idea to get one that's roomy enough to layer a fleece jacket underneath for extra insulation.

Flannel shirts are another layering option that will keep you comfy. They're thin enough to be worn under almost any jacket or coat while trapping warm air next to your skin and being oh-so-soft. If you buy one new casual shirt this winter, make it a flannel. You’ll be glad you did.

Something Soft

Wear something soft next to your skin. Cotton, flannel, and silk are all good choices. You’ll want your first layer of clothing to be something comfy that will help trap a layer of warm air and breathe. Consider women’s thermals for the ultimate cozy warmth. They can help you stay warm from top to bottom.

Legs and Feet

In addition to choosing a coat or jacket that's up to the job of a beautiful morning walk in the cold, make sure that your legs and feet will be warm. A longer coat can help with this, as well as long underwear, and boots that come up to your knees. Don’t forget to wear warm socks, too. Leave the ankle-length socks for indoor use and go for full-length socks under your women’s boots for extra warmth. Socks made from Merino wool will keep your feet warm and also wick moisture away.

When shopping for boots, think about what types of weather you'll encounter while wearing them. Most women like to have one pair of knee-high leather boots and another pair of waterproof snow boots to get through the winter feeling comfy and looking stylish. If you consider treating leather boots to make them water resistant, start with a small area of the boot first to make sure that the color won't be harmed. When in doubt, ask a professional shoe repair person for tips on the best products to use and how to apply them.

Outer Shell Protection

If your morning walk is likely to include wind or any form of precipitation, keep the outer shell of your jacket or coat in mind. A waterproof outer shell is a great choice for winter sports and any activity where the weather can change to both cold and wet. Staying dry is the first step to staying warm. Having a down waterproof women’s winter parka in your closet is like having a secret weapon against the winter cold.

Hat and Gloves

A brisk morning walk is so much better with warm hands and warm ears! A warm and stylish hat and a high-quality pair of women’s gloves can make all the difference. Keep your hats and gloves handy in your entryway or mud room so you can grab them on your way out. Always have an extra pair of gloves. Whether you're a child or an adult, they're the easiest garment to lose.

Ear warmers are another option for staying cozy. They work especially well with parkas as you can wear them underneath a hood. Beanie hats also work well underneath hoods for extra insulation.

By checking the weather, bundling up in cozy layers, and making sure to wear a hat and gloves, you’ll be ready for a walk in your winter wonderland. Enjoy!


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