Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home and Mind

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home and Mind

There’s a reason that everyone takes spring as a time for cleaning and refreshing. It’s a fresh start, a time for rebirth and renewal. When the weather gets warm and springtime hits, it’s the perfect time to clean out your house and mind. Get ready for all that the new season holds by getting your home space and headspace into the right zone. Break out your women’s sweatpants or other comfortable clothes you’re ready to get dirty, and get into the cleaning groove! Have your best spring cleaning ever with our tips for your home and mind.

Make a Plan and Schedule It

The best way to get the ball rolling on your spring cleaning is to make a plan and stick to it. Schedule your spring cleaning time in advance and prepare for everything ahead so you’ll have everything you need to get all your tasks done. Buy all your cleaning supplies like mops, towels, wipes, and soaps before your scheduled time to ensure you’ll have everything on hand to clean. If you’re getting friends or family members involved, make sure everyone is clear on scheduling and communicates about their plans. Then get ready to put in your elbow grease! Buy pizza or little gifts as thank-you's for those who help you get the job done.

Declutter: Let Things Go

Next, it’s time to declutter. Take it from Marie Kondo, getting rid of things that no longer serve you is good for not only your home and space, but for your head and health. From books you never read that take up shelf space, to ugly gifted and unwanted home décor, there are always things you can purge and get rid of. It’ll feel great to clear up the space in your home these objects had been taking up, and it’ll also free up the physical room to be better utilized. It’s a win-win! You can even donate your unwanted items to local charities or organizations like Goodwill, thrift stores, or other second-hand shops. They’re tax deductible too—just save your receipts.

Organize Your Closet and Wardrobe

To keep things clean and organized, use canvas storage bins to store clothes and shoes and keep them in their designated spaces. From bins and bags to closet organizers and over-the-door shoe holders, there are so many organization tools that can help keep your space clean, decluttered, and organized. It’s great for your mental health, as neat and clean spaces can help you stay in control and on top of your possessions. Take this year’s spring cleaning as an opportunity to fully organize and revamp your closet and storage space. Your life will feel much easier with this newly organized space.

Deep Clean Your Spaces: Both Mental and Physical

A great way to revamp your space and make it feel brand new is to deep clean your whole house. Cleaning your home will make you feel renewed and calmer every time you come into a clean, comfortable space. Put on some good music, break out your best mops and tools, and get lost in the cleaning. Since you’ve made a plan ahead of time, you’ll know exactly what you want to clean when, and in what order to go in. Plus, cleaning can really be a great exercise in mindfulness. Use the time when you’re doing mindless cleaning chores to practice mindfulness like meditation, manifestations, or positive thinking strategies! It’s a great opportunity to freshen up your physical space and your mental space at the same time.

Take It Outside

With summer just around the corner, spring is a great time to revamp your yard or patio space, too. Take your spring cleaning outdoors and into your yard. From patio furniture to lawn fixtures and flowers and garden maintenance, cleaning and organizing the areas outside your home will also give you a sense of fulfillment and newness. Put your green thumb to use by prioritizing yard maintenance this spring. It will really give your home a boost of life.

Spring cleaning is a state of mind. Whether you’re just tidying up your space or going for a full revamp, clean your physical and mental spaces alike. Spring is the season of renewal and rebirth, so bring this energy into your cleaning. With these tips, you can make it the easiest spring clean you’ve ever done.


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