Tips for Looking Put Together and Polished

Tips for Looking Put Together and Polished

Having a go-to method to look put together can help you pick a polished outfit in minutes and get you out the door in style. This is an invaluable thing when you’re late for work or need to make it to an appointment on time. Sometimes stress can make it hard to make decisions, so having a dedicated way to look good will streamline the dressing process. With some standard business casual staples and basics, you can look put together and polished in just minutes. So, whenever you need to make it to a meeting, work, or dinner date, you can achieve a fashionable look without much effort. Here are some tips to look put together and ready to start your day.

Looking Good = A Winner’s Mindset

Studies have shown that when people look good, they have more confidence and can even be more productive. This is why it’s important to dress for work even when you work from home. When you trade out a worn-out T-shirt for something simple like button-down shirts or a blouse, you can shift your mood. Just like wearing PJs all day can make you feel like it’s a long day off, dark jeans and one of your women’s or men’s polo shirts can put you in the mindset to be more productive. It doesn’t take a lot of time or expensive clothing to look put together. By following these simple tips, you can be presentable without exhausting your resources or time.

Make a Capsule Wardrobe

Ever since minimalism was given broad exposure in the media, many people have experienced the benefits of decluttering. This process involves removing unnecessary items and freeing your home to become more functional. Just like you can remove unused cooking gadgets and toys and expand your living space, you can also declutter your closet and create a capsule wardrobe. This phrase, coined by Susie Faux in the 1970s, challenges people to use a limited number of staple clothing each season.

Key items in capsule wardrobes include skirts and pants that are easy to match with a variety of tops like leggings, jeans, and slacks. Layering items like a women’s cardigan sweater are also excellent pieces to diversify your look. Include basics like T-shirts, camisoles, and long-sleeved shirts to serve as base layers, while accessories like scarves and necklaces can serve as accents to your outfit. When you create an efficient capsule wardrobe, you won’t need to take up as much space in your closet, and making an outfit will take up less time. This is because the items you preselected are easy to match together.

Keep Things Simple & Neat

Though it’s fun to mix patterns, a tried-and-true way to look polished is to stick to simple clothing and solid colors. Nothing says “polished” like a black skirt and professional white sweater worn with some shiny high heels. You don’t need anything fancy or from a designer to make your outfit impressive either. By keeping your clothing clean and neat, you can elevate your look. For instance, taking the time to iron your slacks or steam your work dresses the night before work can make a big difference in your appearance. When you have a closet full of neat clothing that is simple enough to wear to many places, there’s far less stress in getting ready.

The Shoes Matter

Imagine putting on a fantastic outfit and having your hair on point. The last thing you want is to finish this outfit with a worn-out pair of flip-flops or dirty slip-on shoes. Shoes are the final touch to an outfit that makes it look completely put together. If you ignore this step or try to skimp on this item, you can end up with an outfit that doesn’t have as great of an impact. For instance, wear some Mary Janes or heels with your skirt and blouse for a completely professional office look.

Looking Polished While Being Comfortable

Looking good doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. When you select basic layering tops made out of cozy Supima cotton or use golf pants instead of traditional slacks, this sneaks comfort into your workweek looks. Don't let it go when you find a top or bottom that’s comfortable but looks formal. Find other clothing like this to integrate into your wardrobe to help you achieve the right look without feeling the need to adjust your clothing all day. This will increase your daily happiness and help you feel more relaxed too.

When you follow these quick tips for looking put together and polished, it’s easy to get ready to go out without any stress. What items would you like to introduce to your capsule wardrobe this season?


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