Tips for Letting Your Kid Choose Their Own Boots

Tips for Letting Your Kids Pick Their Own Boots

When it comes to kids' winter boots and kid's winter coats, half the battle can be making your kid feel good about bundling up. To avoid morning tantrums and pouting, encourage your kid or toddler to partake in choosing the winter coats, jackets and boots they like. This method is a nice compromise when it comes to picking out both functional and stylish options that make your kid still feel like they're the coolest on the playground each season. Here are some tips on how you can let your kids pick their own boots.

Explain to Your Kid What the Boots Are for

Communication is key when it comes to choosing your kid's favorite boots. Before you let your child make their winter wardrobe selection, explain to them exactly what the clothing item is for and the traits the outerwear and footwear needs. Ski trip? Explain to your child you need something to keep their feet and lower legs warm and that snow boots are the best option. Rainy days? Explain that you're looking for something that stops the water from soaking their little toes. Speaking with your child about cause and effect in footwear and outerwear will engage them and help them understand what types of clothes are worn and why. Be open with your child about what they should look for and when they will be wearing the clothing items, and explain the negative consequences of choosing an inappropriate piece. For example, if your child is set on a pair of sandals but you're going somewhere that will likely have snow, explain that their feet will be cold and they will need something that's more comfortable and protective against the elements.

Pre-Screen the Boots Before You Let Your Kid Choose

Let's be honest. While letting your kid choose their own clothes and footwear is an idyllic parenting method, when it comes to the winter cold you have to be sure your child is protected from wind, rain, snow and freezing temperatures. Before letting your kid in on the decision-making process, simply take a quick perusal of the options and narrow down the type of boot or footwear you need. For example, if you're looking for a boot that can sustain snowstorms and subzero temperatures, start with Girls' winter snow boots or boy's winter snow boots. Once you've narrowed down the options, invite your child to make their selection. This is the perfect solution to blending responsible functionality with style and personal preference.

Be Willing to Compromise

We're all about responsible choices, but if your kid is set on the brightest and boldest boots on the market, can you really deny them as a future fashionista? Luckily, most snow boots and winter boots come in all different colors, patterns and styles, making it a fun choice for kids. As the parent, be sure the functionality of the boot is suitable, and then allow for color choices. Don't be afraid to let your kid stand out with the boldest colors and statements this winter!

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