Tips for Layering Sweaters

Tips for Layering Sweaters

Sweaters are a wardrobe essential. From running your hand over a soft cashmere cardigan or slipping into your most coveted ribbed crew neck the minute sweater weather hits, there's something magical about reaching into our closets and pulling out the perfect sweater. The versatility and range of sweaters available can also help us to achieve our best looks. Many of our fall and winter outfits just wouldn't be complete without a sweater, whether we're going for casual, comfy, dressy, or something in between.

Layering sweaters is a functional and trendy way to change up your fall or winter look, all while feeling the warm embrace that comes from layering some of the finest fabrics. Let's explore some tips for achieving the perfect layered sweater look.

Choose The Bottom and Layer Wisely

A strong foundation is important when it comes to layering sweaters. Given that the bottom layer will be hugging your skin all day, the material is key. Women's cotton sweaters can make an ideal base layer because cotton tends to be easy on most skin types. If your main goal is warmth, go for a women's wool sweater. While we often want to show off our cashmere, this can also be a perfect base material because it's so soft and comfy. Plus, with an open front top layer, you can have the best of both worlds (more about this later!).

Regardless of what material you choose, the fit of your base layer sweater is extremely important. You'll want to stick with your true size or even go half a size down with this item to ensure it really hugs your frame. The purpose of this is twofold: First, if your bottom layer is too large, you might end looking too bulky; and second, you'll be way more comfortable if your base sweater isn't riding up all day. Form-fitting sleeves and a hem that you can easily tuck into your bottoms are key when layering sweaters.

Go Bold for The Top Layer

Now that you have your base layer figured out, the fun can begin. For the second layer, opt for a style that makes your look pop. Your bottom layer will take care of the functionality factor, so go with a material like open stitch and get trendy with an oversized, relaxed fit. Consider the full outfit or occasion before choosing the first top layer. If pairing with jeans and classic black booties, we love a chunky sweater with a fun, color-block pattern. If you're looking to go for something a bit dressier, like a skirt and leggings, go with a V-neck sweater in a vibrant shade that shows off a peek of your bottom layer. A sweater with a drop shoulder and a funky pattern can also make an ideal bold top layer.

The one thing to keep in mind is, if the weather calls for the warmest winter coats, this will impact the style of your top layer. If a third layer like a coat is in play, aim for a top layer sweater that is form-fitting with classic sleeves to avoid uncomfortable bunching. That said, you can still go for bold with your patterns and materials, regardless of any constraints a jacket may pose.

Open-Front Sweaters Open a World of Possibilities

An open front sweater might feature stylish buttons or even fun pockets and can be the perfect way to show off your bottom layer if you've chosen a base layer that's simply too flattering to keep hidden away. While an open-front sweater can be layered over any material or form-fitting sweater style, we personally love the look of one over a cashmere turtleneck sweater. This approach to sweater layering is timeless for a reason; it gives off a classic vibe while also being functional and comfy.

Open-front sweaters are truly a staple because they can accentuate other items in your wardrobe and make a go-to outfit look totally new. They work great over a crew neck sweater, a V-neck tunic sweater, or, really, any base top that you're looking to show off. Just keep in mind that you'll want your bottom layer to be a bit shorter than your top layer.

We hope that these tips inspire you to mix and match all of your favorite materials, styles, and fits. Now that you have some pointers in mind, you'll be set to have the best sweater weather season yet.


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