Tips for Layering for Outdoor Events in the Spring

Tips for Layering for Outdoor Events in the Spring

It’s always refreshing to get outside and enjoy the warm weather with family and friends. Who doesn’t love a good barbecue or a sunny day at the park? This season you can create relaxed yet polished outfits for any outdoor event through layering.

You can style your everyday casual look, such as a jersey dress with one or two classy pieces to create a chic outfit. Layering different pieces will surely elevate your overall look. Here are a few tips for layering outfits for outdoor events this season.

Dressing for the Weather

Creating stylish outfits to accommodate cooler weather is made easy when layers are involved. Knit sweaters are perfect for layering over dresses or matching with a skirt, jeans, or trousers. If your sweater is the staple of your outfit, then adding a top underneath it could be a good option.

A different pattern or color peeking out of your sweater will add contrast and flair. Another great piece for layering is a cashmere cardigan. It's a nice extra layer when the weather is slightly chilly, and you want to add more color, print, or texture to your overall look.

On a warmer day, sticking with lightweight pieces will be the key to layering. You could look for a flowy cardigan and pair it with any casual outfit. T-shirts are a great light layer that you could add over or under a dress. A loosely fitted blouse will appear airy and fresh if paired over a dress or cute tank top. Depending on your style, you can play around with different ways to wear the button-down. Tying the bottom of the shirt to accentuate your waist is a dressy option. Wearing the blouse unbuttoned or slightly open will allow your beautiful dress or colorful shirt underneath to show. For a clean look, tuck the bottom of the shirt into your skirt or pants. Rolling the sleeves to a comfortable length will be best for more casual outdoor events.

Mix Textiles

Even if you consider your style to be clean and polished, mixing different textiles can be an excellent way to layer clothing. It can be as simple as adding a neutral cotton shirt under a colorful silk blouse. Or you can layer that silk blouse under a cardigan or knit sweater. These busy top combinations can be paired with a pair of jeans or solid colored pants if you are looking for a casual yet put-together look. If your outdoor event is more sophisticated, then a textured dress or matching skirt or top could be your base layer. Once you have a base layer, then add a blazer, jacket, or blouse on top to complete the look.

Women’s chino pants are a great option if you are looking for pants to match an elegant or upscale outdoor event. Finding a matching blazer or jacket would be the perfect base to add a top with additional texture or a different pattern. When creating your outfit, look in your wardrobe to see what kind of textiles you gravitate towards while shopping. You probably already have the perfect outfit within your closet using items you wouldn't usually match together. When you’re first mixing textiles it can seem a bit overwhelming, so start with two different textures or patterns.

Incorporate Seasonal Colors

Creating layered outfits allows you the opportunity to express yourself through vibrant, colorful pieces. Matching colors can be difficult at first, but you will soon see that adding a little bit of color can make your outfit lively. The warmer seasons are a chance to mix bright colors. Perhaps you could even start with a pastel-colored cotton shirt under a bright-colored blouse or dress. The key to these shade pairings is to choose one color for both shirts but in a different shade. Then, you can transition to matching solid colors with patterned pieces. Slowly you will become more comfortable with matching bright colors together. Mixing colors and incorporating them into your wardrobe based on the season is a great way to layer clothing for any outdoor event.

Finishing Touches

After you have layered different tops or jackets, you may feel like your outfit is missing one more thing. The finishing touches to your outfit could be a scarf, jewelry, a hat, or all three! A fashion scarf can dress up your outfit and add contrast. Add the scarf around your neck for a pop of color to pull the overall look together. Jewelry can also add elegance to your outfit whether you use simple or statement pieces. You can match your jewelry to the colors of your clothing or opt for neutral colors. Hats can either dress up or dress down your overall look too depending on the style you choose. Accessorizing your outfit will be your way of really showing off your style. This is your chance to add a unique piece that you found at a second-hand store.

Layering with accessories elevates your completed outfit for any outdoor event this season. So, grab your layers and head outside! Enjoy the springtime, ready for any weather or occasion.


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