Three Tips for Layering With Crewneck Sweaters

Three Tips for Layering With Crewneck Sweaters

One of our favorite styles of women's sweaters is definitely the classic crewneck. Crewneck sweaters always seem to be on-trend. Crewnecks come in a variety of materials, like cotton and cashmere, and this cut is flattering on all body types. While crewnecks are an easy option for something to pull on as-is, another thing we love about this timeless sweater style is how easy it is to layer.

Crewneck sweaters make for a ton of cute layering options, which means you can get plenty of use out of these tops. Having a few crewneck sweaters in your outfit rotation can be the starting point of endless looks, from more casual to a little more dressed up.

Whether you want to rock your crewneck as a top layer, a middle layer, or even a bottom layer, read on for some layering tips that'll leave you even more excited for sweater weather.

Try Different Sizes

The ideal size and fit of your crewneck sweater will depend on how you want to layer it. For example, a crewneck looks great when layered over a long-sleeved shirt, especially a button-up with a collar (more on this later!). This look can work really well with a slightly tighter crewneck, but if you do go for a snug fit for your crewneck layer, you'll want to make sure that your shirt underneath won't bunch up in an uncomfortable way. You can also take this same combo and go with a slightly looser, more flowy sweater layer. If you go that route, make sure that the long-sleeved top underneath isn't baggy at all.

If you want to add a third layer, like a light barn coat, you'll want to be sure that your crewneck layer is fitted in the shoulders and sleeves to avoid having it bunch up under the coat sleeves. Once you factor in these considerations, you can pick the best fit for your styling needs or keep a few options in your rotation to put together different looks.

Opt for a Collared Shirt

As promised, it's time to talk about collared shirts! A shirt with a crisp collar looks great under a crewneck sweater since the neckline of the crewneck allows for just the right amount of collar to show through. This is also an easy way to make a crewneck sweater look a little dressier. There are so many ways to make this combination work, but two suggestions for your bottom layer are a women's Oxford shirt or a women's long-sleeved polo shirt. In addition to your collar poking out, you can also play around with the sleeves, like rolling up the sleeves of your sweater a bit to show a bit of the pattered shirt sleeve underneath.

We love this combination because you can mix any pattern with a solid color crewneck. For your bottom layer, opt for a pattern that features the color of your sweater, like a black-and-white polka dot button-down paired with a black crewneck sweater. You can complete this look with simple, delicate earrings and either light denim or black women's jeans. This is a stylish yet oh-so-comfy look that's perfect for a crisp fall day, especially when paired with your favorite booties.

Layer it Up With Denim

Depending on the season and the weather, a top layer might be a necessity with your crewneck looks. And that's where your coolest denim jacket comes in, especially if you just need a light outer layer. This look can be especially stylish when you pair your denim jacket with a cashmere crewneck since these materials really complement one another.

If it's chilly enough that you still need an extra layer or, just like the look of this, rock a long-sleeved collared button-up as your bottom layer, or even a cotton turtleneck. Some color combinations that work really well here could be a blue-and-white striped button-up with a navy cashmere crewneck and a light blue denim jacket or a deep purple cotton turtleneck paired with a tan or beige crewneck and a black denim jacket.

Crewnecks are a timeless sweater option that will definitely become a sweater weather favorite for you (if they aren't already!). Play around with a few fits and styles, and try them on over your favorite collared shirts or turtlenecks.

Complete any of these looks with a stylish denim jacket and some subtle accessories, and you will be good to go, from lunch out with friends to running errands or even to a movie date.


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