Tips for Keeping Your Home Decluttered

Tips for Keeping Your Home Decluttered

It’s safe to say that virtually everyone wants to live in a clean, organized, airy space. How nice would it be to come home to a pristine house with everything in its place? While decluttering will take time, it is totally achievable. Better yet, you can successfully declutter your home and keep it that way with the right cleaning habits. In this post, we will take a look at a few handy household cleaning tips and tricks that will ensure you can enjoy a clean, beautiful, decluttered home.

Start With Flat Surfaces

It’s amazing what a quick cleanup of all the flat surfaces in your home or just one room in the house can do to make the space look more open and organized. In your kitchen, leave only the things that belong out on the countertops on said countertops. Anything like unwashed cooking dishes, cups, personal items, mail, and any other unnecessary clutter should be put in their proper places. In bedrooms, clean up nightstands and dresser tops, and in bathrooms, clear up any clutter on the sink countertop. If you find you have an overwhelming amount of stuff piled up on various surfaces throughout your home, break the cleaning process down into manageable steps. First, just clear everything off the surfaces and put them on the floor. Only put back on the surface things that absolutely belong there. Finally, take the remaining clutter on the floor and start throwing away items and organizing everything else into bins and drawers.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Cleaning Once a Year

The best way to keep clutter at bay is to always clean up and put away household and personal items as soon as you are done using them. Because we are all accustomed to hectic, busy lives with jam-packed schedules, we understand it’s not easy to do this all the time. Most people don’t have the time to immediately wash dishes directly after every meal or wash, dry, fold, and put away several loads of laundry all in one sitting. However, alternatively, you don’t need to wait for spring cleaning to start decluttering. Find a happy medium and strive to do your best when it comes to throwing out anything that can immediately be thrown away or hanging up your coat as soon as you get home. Left unattended, all these little things add up to (you guessed it) clutter.


One of the most effective ways to permanently declutter is to only hold onto items that actually serve you. The trap that makes homeowners fall down the clutter rabbit hole is accumulating too many things they don’t need. Ruthlessly vet every room in your home. Go through your cupboards and drawers in your kitchen, examine the clothes you have in your closet, look at your home desk space...all of these areas likely have items you never use. This could take a couple of days, depending on the size of your home and the number of things you have, but taking the time to do it will clear up lots of space in your home and give you a tremendous sense of peace.

Audit Your Unused Storage Space

Whether you live in a small apartment in a metropolitan area or a large farmhouse out in the country, there are usually areas of your home that serve as underutilized storage space. If you don’t have much square footage to work with but need extra storage, utilize the space beneath your bed. In homes of any size, look around the living areas and see if there are any creative ways to use extra space.

Find a Decluttering System That Works For You

There is no right or wrong way to declutter, and everyone will have their own method for doing it. You can read all the decluttering guides in the world, but what’s really going to help you declutter effectively is to do it on your terms. Maybe that means incentivizing yourself to get rid of items more easily by donating or selling them. Maybe you like to organize things in baskets instead of bins. Find your style and go from there.

Start With One Room at a Time

Tackling lots of clutter can feel like an overwhelming process, especially before you even start getting at it. One way to minimize the stress of decluttering is to focus on one room at a time. Even better, start with one of the smallest rooms in your house, like a closet, the foyer, or a bathroom. For example, you can go through your closet and drawers and organize your flannel pajamas, jeggings, slippers, and women’s scarves. Once you have totally decluttered one room, you can move onto the next. Don’t make the mistake of spreading yourself too thin by working on multiple rooms at once. The rewarding sense of accomplishment will serve to excite and energize you to tackle the next room.

Feeling inspired to get a handle on your clutter? Take advantage of these expert cleaning tips and enjoy a clean, organized home.

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