Tips For Dressing Up Men's Jeans

Tips For Dressing Up Men’s Jeans

Jeans are a great staple to build outfits from, no matter the season. Denim is a versatile base for casual everyday wear, from T-shirts to button-ups to jerseys and sweatshirts. Jeans can be adapted to nearly any occasion! When it comes to dressing up, your jeans can be elevated further than you might think. Jeans are sort of like a baseline—they mirror whatever else you wear with them and adapt to the top’s energy. If you put on a flannel or T-shirt, the jeans feel casual. The same is true in reverse: the nicer the top you wear, the nicer the jeans feel! Dressing up men’s jeans is not only easy but also fun too! Jeans and a little bit of styling can take your outfit to the classier level appropriate for fancy events while still showing off your personality. With these tips, you’ll see how dressing up men’s jeans can be a snap, so here’s how to dress up men’s jeans.

Choose the Right Jeans!

First and foremost, find the right pair of jeans for you. Whether that’s trying on pairs from multiple places and returning them or finding one pair you like and buying it in every color in that fit, you can find the most comfortable jeans by seeing what fits right for you. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a loose, relaxed fit or a tighter, more-fitted option. No matter what, there’s a style of jeans that’s right for you. Once you’ve found the jeans for you, go dark. For dressing up, dark gray and black shades are much better than lighter washes. Black is sleek and classy and looks more formal than the average blue jeans. Plus, black matches pretty much everything! It’s a great styling option for casual or dressier events. Black jeans and the right shoes and men’s belt will escalate jeans into a classier, dressier lane for everything from date nights to the guys’ night out. Wherever your night takes you, your jeans will fit every stop along the ride.

Enhance the Look With a Fancy Shirt, Sweater, or Jacket

An easy and stylish way to dress up jeans in one step is to pair them with a button-down shirt. Whether it’s an oxford shirt, pinstripe work shirt, or short-sleeve button-down, the button-down collared shirt will dress your jeans up as soon as you tuck it in! For cooler weather, button-downs pair great with jackets and sweaters. Depending on the dress requirements for your occasion, a blazer, suit jacket, or sports coat can help escalate your look. The right jacket can really set the score for the whole outfit—dress down with denim and up with nicer jackets.

Not into coat layers? Instead, opt for the right sweater. A turtleneck, cardigan, or crewneck sweater can all help give jeans a boost. Cashmere and nicer fabrics also help dress up the denim! The dressier top balances out the casual jeans and elevates the outfit. The nicer your top, the less casual the jeans will feel! If you want to go full-on fancy, consider a suit top. A vest, jacket, and tie all say classy and dressy and can take a pair of dark jeans even further. Don’t be afraid to mix and match to try things on and see what works. You may be surprised by what feels good for you!

Add the Right Shoes

As with any look, the shoes you choose will help bring the outfit together. When you’re going out on a date or to a party or function, you’re not going to show up in sneakers or tennis shoes. If you’re wearing jeans to your event, the shoes you wear will need to be dressier to bring the jeans up. Dress shoes are a perfect fit here! A pair of leather dress shoes is all it takes to elevate the look. Men’s dress shoes, work shoes, or boots will look great with the jeans and create a fancier feel than sandals or sneakers. If standard dress shoes aren’t your style, consider a motorcycle boot or Chelsea boot. Whatever your personal taste, you can find the classiest dress shoes that help you feel confident in your jeans.

While you’ll want to look great, you’ll want to feel great too! Don’t choose a shoe that has low wearability or is impractical for actual use. Find the right dress shoes for you and prioritize a comfortable fit for long-term wear. By adding dress shoes to jeans, the outfit fills out into a nicer, fuller look. Consider matching a belt or tie and accessories to full-circle coordinate the outfit. Black and brown are the best colors for standard matching and classic coordination, but if your personality takes you in a different direction, that’s great too! Do whatever feels the best for your personal style. With these simple styling tips, men’s jeans go from casual workwear to out-on-the-town outfits!


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