Tips for Choosing Swimwear

Tips for Choosing Swimwear

Are you in search of some new swimwear for the summertime? Choosing swimsuits can sometimes seem like a daunting task, but by narrowing down a couple of characteristics with this helpful guide, you’ll have no problem finding that perfect tankini or pair of swim trunks to get you ready for some fun in the sun.

Color and Patterns

One of the first things to consider when looking for new swimwear is the color. Are you looking to keep a low profile while you are just relaxing at the poolside, or are you trying to go with something big and bold for your tropical summer vacation? Neutral-colored swimsuits, such as black swimsuit trunks or a tankini, can make you appear cool and fashionable, whereas bright and bold colors can present a louder and more of a fun-in-the-sun vibe if you want to stand out at the beach or pool this year. Warmer colors tend to complement a nice after sun glow, so do not be afraid to try on that bright canary yellow rash guard or candy apple red bikini bottoms. Green and blue swimwear can make you look sleek and sporty, especially if you’re rocking those suits by the beach. You can also pursue some printed swimwear if you are feeling adventurous; there are endless variations on designs out there to choose from, and finding a pattern that speaks to you can make a new article of swimwear feel much more personal.

Form and Function

The last thing you want when having a beach day is a wardrobe malfunction, and choosing proper swimwear is the best way to avoid such an occurrence. You will want to go with swimwear that is durable and that you know will not be slipping down or riding up while swimming laps, strolling down the shore, or wading into the waves. If you know you are planning on participating in some physical activity, you may want to look for some sporty swimwear that will allow you to move freely. Swimsuit tops with thicker straps will assure that everything stays in place while you’re strolling or swimming, and choosing an X-back swimsuit top can offer even more support and security. A high-neck swim top can also provide coverage and will keep parts of your neck and chest protected from those sunrays. If your sole intention for your new swimwear is for lounging by the pool and soaking up those sunrays, go ahead and look for a comfortable one-piece or a stylish bandeau top.

What’s Best for Your Body?

Picking out the best styles to complement your body can help you to feel confident and cool on your way to the pool. If you have curves, you may want to choose some bottoms that are a bit higher cut to help control and also accentuate those curves. Alternatively, you might want to look for swimwear with cute accessories like ruffles and bathing suits with skirts. High-waisted swim shorts and bikini bottoms can provide some comfort, a flattering fit, and accentuation of the waist, depending on what you are looking for. Women with larger busts can find support in an underwire swimsuit or bikinis with thicker straps, and people who are in search of even more coverage can turn to swim-shirts and rash guards for more comfort.


Sustainability is stylish—especially when it comes to swimwear. The majority of swimwear is made from fabric that is mostly composed of either nylon or polyester. Swimwear made with nylon tends to be very soft, stretchy, and more comfortable, whereas polyester fabrics have the durability that you may need for your active lifestyle by being chlorine resistant, drying quickly, and offering you more protection against UV rays. While both of these options are incredibly common in the world of swim attire, it is important to note that both fabrics are made from plastic materials, and they are not exactly eco-friendly options. There are other swimsuit fabrics to choose from, such as swimsuit tops made of nylon derived from recycled or upcycled materials, or more environmentally friendly fabrics like hemp and cotton. Choosing more sustainable fabrics for your swimwear will be better for both your body and the planet in the long run.

Dive into this summer with some brand new swimwear. With these helpful tips, you are sure to find the absolute best swimwear for you this season. There are a plethora of swimsuits out there to choose from, so no matter what different style you are into, what colors you fancy, or level of coverage you feel comfortable with, you can surely find what works best for you.


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