Tips for Choosing Plus-Size Swimsuits for Water Aerobics

Plus-size swimmers can feel like they have more to consider when purchasing a new swimsuit than other swimmers. Not only do you have the same considerations as everyone else, such as the drag or water resistance of your swimsuit or the stretch of the material, but also how your body fits into it and how comfortable you feel in it.

If you’re ready to dive in, water aerobics is a wonderful, low-impact, but heart-pumping exercise class that can help you look and feel great, no matter what size swimsuit you wear. Doing cardio exercises in water adds buoyancy, making it a wonderful option for anyone with chronic pain or recovering from injury. Not to mention it’s fun! Here are all the top tips, tricks, and solutions you need to feel comfortable and fit in the water.

Solutions Swimwear For Water Exercise

Some swimwear solutions offer extra coverage for more modest swimsuit wearers. Others may provide bust enhancement or bust-controlling for those self-conscious about their size. Many plus-size women opt for a swim skirt or swim shorts for extra coverage. Water aerobics tend to be very low-impact and don't include diving or being fully submerged, so almost any of these solutions are perfectly doable for this type of water exercise. The most popular of which tends to be a tummy-control slimming swimsuit.

Choosing a tummy-control swimsuit has many benefits. Tummy-control swimsuits have inner mesh liners that comfortably hold your tummy in place without making you feel constricted. They also have intelligently designed cross-torso layers, adding extra support while creating a visually slimming effect. This style is incredibly flattering and is an excellent option for water aerobics because of the combination of high-performance, patented fabrics.

Choosing the Right Fabric

Not all swimsuit materials are made equal. While most are a combination of spandex and polyester, or a patented combination called Lycra, these blends have many variations. There are also many fashionable and trendy options outside these more popular choices. How do you choose the right one for you?

Even though you are not speed-swimming laps in water aerobics classes, you still want a suit that is made for movement and performance. One of the most important features to consider for water aerobics is flexibility. The stretch of the fabric will primarily affect your ability to move in your swimwear comfortably. It can also affect what swimmers refer to as “drag.” This is the amount of resistance your suit adds to your movements in the water. The thicker, less stretchy swimsuits, and those made from natural materials such as hemp or cotton, are made more for lounging than exercising and should be kept out of the pool.

Luckily, in water aerobics, you don’t have to worry much about speed or drag so you can focus on simply comfortable and flexible fabrics. Stay away from knitted and crochet pieces, as these will not usually have any pliability and may even cause irritation when performing repetitive motions in your aerobics class. Even for accessories such as a plus-size swim skirt Lycra, or a Lycra blend will usually be your best choice.

Do You Need Chlorine-Resistant Solutions Swimwear?

Unless you are lucky enough to take water aerobic classes in a pristine body of fresh, clean water outdoors, you will likely regularly exercise in chlorinated water. If you are investing in a new swimsuit for your water aerobics routine, we highly recommend getting a chlorine-resistant swimsuit.

These suits are made from high-quality materials and are specially treated to resist absorbing erosive and fading chlorine chemicals. You can rest assured your chlorine-resistant swimwear will last significantly longer than comparable styles that do not have these to protect your swimsuit investment.

Choosing the Best Swimwear For your Body Shape

For those plus-size swimsuit-seekers with a classically feminine “X” or hourglass figure, or if you have a “pear-shape,” you can create a slimming effect with your swimwear by actually emphasizing your curves. A tummy-control high waist swimsuit bottom can help define your waist while a cross-back halter top can accentuate your top features in a flattering way.

If you have a more broad-shouldered athletic build, you can use your swimwear to downplay your top while drawing more focus to the bottom. A high-waisted bottom also works great for this body type, but you will also want to consider minimizing your shoulders with a boatneck rash guard or swim top, or an asymmetrical bikini top.

For those with a round middle section, you can create flattering curves with a tummy-control one-piece swimsuit paired with swim shorts or a swim skirt. Choosing a swim skirt with some flair, embellishments, or ruffles can help create the appearance of a smaller waist and a curvier bottom.

Water aerobics is a great way to get fit, stay healthy, and have fun (and look good!) while doing it.


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