Tips for a Romantic Camping Trip

Tips for a Romantic Camping Trip

It’s the end of summer and time to get away from the hustle and bustle with your honey. A romantic camping trip is a wonderful way to go on a relaxing adventure with your special someone. There’s nothing quite like gazing up at the stars with the person you love in the middle of nowhere to feel pretty amazing about life. Being alone together out in nature is refreshing, inspiring, and will bring you and your honey closer together. But, as with any outdoor adventure, it’s important to plan accordingly to create the perfect atmosphere and experience for both of you. Here are some tips to make your couple’s getaway camping trip into a romantic adventure for two.

Find a Secluded Spot

A key part of the romance is being alone with your loved one. As you’re planning your trip, try to find more secluded campgrounds so ensure that you have quality time together without the distractions of other people or kids. Look for smaller campgrounds or campgrounds that are further off the beaten trail to ensure that you find a campsite that’s perfect for your romantic getaway.

Get Snuggly and Cozy

Bring everything you need on your camping trip to get snuggly and cozy with your date. Bring along some nice throw blankets to wrap around the both of you for late nights by the fire, lying on while looking at the stars, and staying warm and cozy at night with. Go the extra mile and bring along a double sleeping bag that you can both fit in so that you get to sleep all warm and snug together. You can also open and roll out two sleeping bags with blankets on top so you can still sleep side by side. Be sure to pack a double-sized air mattress or sleeping pad so that you are both comfortable.

A Campfire

What’s more romantic than a night by a campfire? This is literally what movies are made of. You can’t really have a romantic camping trip without a fire to snuggle next to come evening. Even so, this may not be the time to show off survival skills with your fire-making. Instead, focus on getting a fire started as quickly and efficiently as possible. Plan ahead by bringing along a fire starter, some kindling, and some wood so you don’t have to spend the time gathering wood when you could be spending that time with your sweetie. Be sure to understand local fire regulations before planning your camping trip and pick your campsite accordingly.

Pack a Romantic Picnic

Cooking while camping is usually meant to be as simple as possible. But romantic camping is a little different. Surprise your partner with a three-course meal cooked over a fire. Or pack a romantic picnic-style spread with cheese boards, crackers, champagne, and other fancier nibbles. Not only will you feel like you’re living in luxury under the stars, but you’re sure to impress your partner and show that you put in the extra effort and care. Don’t forget to get the right supplies for the perfect camping dessert: s’mores by the fire!

Comfy Cozy Attire

You want to be comfortable while camping, but also remember you’re on a date! Be sure to bring clothing suitable for different temperatures or weather conditions and opt for water-resistant, breathable, and fast-drying materials. But also, don’t forget to pack something stylish for an outdoor date night. Our perfect go-to for this is a flannel shirt worn with a comfortable pair of jeans, leggings, or sweatpants. The flannel shirt will dress up just about anything, and it’s perfectly functional for wearing around a campfire.

Plan a Hike

While you may feel inclined to spend the weekend gazing into one another’s eyes, take the opportunity to also explore where you are and plan a little hike. Especially if you are camping in a national park, the chances are there are trailheads and hikes just around the corner from your campsite. Pack a small day backpack with hiking essentials such as water and go for a little adventure with your loved one.

Watch the Sunrise and Sunset

How often do you get to just sit and watch the sunrise or sunset? Make your romantic camping trip extra special by planning to go somewhere where you can have a good view of the sunset or sunrise. Be sure to have a bottle of wine or a cup of coffee hot and ready to enjoy the view together. Sunrise especially can be quite cool, so bring along a fleece vest or jacket just in case.


Just as romantic as watching the sunrise and sunset is stargazing. When the sun goes down, stargazing is always a popular choice among camping couples. Unless you’re camping in a perfect stargazing spot, grab your flashlights and hike or walk to a place where you have a clear view of the sky. Be sure to bring along something to put on the ground, such as a fleece blanket, so you don’t get chilled when lying on a damp and dewy ground.

Mood Lighting

We know you’re camping, but you still want to set the romantic atmosphere. Bring along mood lighting options, such as battery-run fairy lights, mason jar lanterns, or string lights to set the romantic mood for you and your date. If you don’t have fire restrictions in your area, you can even bring along candlelit lanterns to really set a romantic mood.

There are few things more romantic than enjoying some time in the great outdoors with your partner. Plan your wilderness retreat with some of these top tips for the perfect romantic adventure.

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