Timeless Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas

Timeless Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas

We know it happens every year—the second Sunday of May—yet we somehow seem to panic when it comes to what to do for the mother in our lives as the day grows near. We want to do something special, but is anything truly special enough for any mom? It doesn’t matter if she’s a biological mother, an adopted mother, a grandmother, a wife, or even a dog mom … a mom is a special type of person who deserves a day in honor of the sacrifices she makes. As trends come and go, here are some tried-and-true, timeless ideas for how to celebrate Mother’s Day this year and beyond. Be patient, dads—your day is coming up in June!

For the Mom Who Has It All

For some moms, it isn’t the physical gift that matters, but the gift of time. Sure, a gift is always nice, but if she doesn’t see you very often, she’ll want to spend quality time with you above anything. For this type of mom, spending an afternoon together or even having a sleepover at a hotel might be really fun. Give her an excuse to get out and get away while seeing the sights of the city together. Schedule a pedicure, go to dinner, or even invite her over to your place for a pajama party! The time you spend together is all she needs, but a new pair of comfy PJs will be the icing on the cake.

For the Mom Who Doesn’t “Need” Presents

Some moms are far too modest for their own good. This type of mother might say, “I don’t need anything. You’re busy anyway. Don’t worry about me this Mother’s Day.” But does she really mean it? Moms are selfless people, always caring more about others than themselves. This Mother’s Day, insist that she puts herself first. Buy her a gift she’s not likely to buy herself. Of course, you’ll need to spend some time thinking about what she would appreciate, but start by jotting down some ideas. Listen to her conversations to see if she drops any hints. Perhaps she’s mentioned how she lost one of her favorite earrings, for example. That’s a great example of something she’ll appreciate while knowing you really do listen to her! Wouldn’t it be fun to ask her to meet you at a local jewelry store and then surprise her with a gift she can’t refuse?

For the Mom Who Loves an Excuse to Be Spoiled

Unlike the previous example, when it comes to receiving gifts, some moms say, “Bring it on!” After all, there are only so many years a mom can pretend she doesn’t need a gift for Mother’s Day. She knows she deserves something special and isn’t afraid to ask. These are some of the best moms to buy for, since you really can’t go wrong. And they’re also fun moms to celebrate with! Who wouldn't enjoy being pampered for a day? Spa days might be cliché, but they really are a great idea for celebrating Mother’s Day. Consider making a reservation now (many spas and salons book far out in advance for Mother’s Day), and send her a card saying where she needs to be and when (or hand it to her if you see her in person or join her at the spa). Include one of Lands’ Ends’ notoriously luxurious women’s robes or slippers for an extra special touch!

For the Best Pet Mom Ever

Fur babies are amazing additions to any family, but someone has to take them for walks, change their litterbox, groom them, take them to the vet, sneak them treats under the table, and offer them snuggles that only a mom can give. Unfortunately, they’re often left out of Mother’s Day celebrations. Be the voice her pet needs! It could be really cute to write a card on their behalf saying how much they appreciate her. And if she has a dog, it could be fun for the three of you to go to a pet-friendly outdoor restaurant together before hitting the dog park. Her dog can even give her (with your help) some new dog-walking shoes or a women’s fleece jacket to keep her warm on those early morning walks.

For Grandma

Grandmothers are special types of people, and some are even more special than others. If you’ve been fortunate to have a grandma in your life who spoils you with cookies, sleepovers, and the like, don’t forget to spoil her on Mother’s Day too. Take this day to show her that you remember all the special times together and that you acknowledge the effort she spent making you happy. It could be really fun to flip the cards and do to her what she did to you. For example, if you used to spend time at her house baking or playing board games, consider inviting her over for the exact same recipes and games you played together. She’ll be flattered that you remembered, and she’ll love spending quality time with you. Don’t forget to give her a card too!

Whatever you end up doing this Mother’s Day, just remember to make it special in whatever way you can, and she’ll be sure to appreciate the effort you took.


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