3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Closet

3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Closet

With the world outside blooming and any lingering winter gloom making its way to the nearest exit sign (about time!), there are a ton of things to look forward to about spring. As the season transitions, many of us start to plan fun activities like park picnics or think about what we want to plant in our gardens or flower beds this season. And, of course, there are the spring escapes to the mountains or the buzz of excitement in the air once we all get some much-needed time in the sun. When thinking about this wonderful season and all of the ways we can enjoy it, spring cleaning might not be the highest priority on your agenda. That's totally fair, of course — spending the afternoon tackling deep cleaning projects around the house can't really hold a candle to a spring hike or a trip to the local botanic garden. But, there's a reason that spring cleaning is an actual thing.

Spring is all about fresh starts and, for many of us, a clean home and an organized space is an essential starting point. And what better place to begin than with an often overlooked part of our homes: the bedroom closet.

The good news is that spring cleaning your closet doesn't have to feel like a chore. If you approach this project with a strategy (and your favorite playlist or podcast on blast) you can tackle it in no time, meaning you can get outside to enjoy those spring vibes ASAP, and be able to enjoy it all the more knowing you've crossed this off your to-do list.

Start with a Blank Canvas

Regardless of how you plan to clean your closet this spring, this is an essential first step in the process. Pick a Saturday or Sunday morning, ideally a day when April showers make you feel like staying in regardless, throw on your comfiest women’s loungewear, and queue up a fun playlist or your go-to podcast.

Next, open those closet doors (just be careful to avoid any clothing avalanches) and pull everything out. You can put all of your clothes and linens items on the bed, and pick a place on your floor for miscellaneous items and a shoe pile. Having everything in your closet out where you can see it's a necessary first step in spring cleaning your closet since it’ll allow you to visualize exactly what you’re working with.

Sort Everything Into Categories

Now that you’re surrounded by piles of clothes, shoes, and whatever else has been hiding in your closet all winter, remember to take a deep breath. While the piles might look overwhelming, you can think about it like you’re a kid sorting candy after a night of Halloween trick-or-treating.

Next, choose some categories so you can start to get organized. Some ideas for categories can be winter items that you won’t need for another year (woohoo!), items that need to be repaired, items that belong elsewhere in the house, and items you simply don’t wear, use, or need anymore. Bring the pile of items you’ll definitely want to have easy access to this season, like your breezy midi skirts and lightweight women’s cardigan sweaters , and move the other piles out of the way.

Donate, Repair, or Store

Once you have everything organized in piles and categories, take a coffee or tea break. Trust us, this part is key. You can even take a quick walk around the block, stop and smell the roses, and then get back to it.

At this point, you’ll have a clear sense of everything that was in your closet, and a plan of what to do with it all. So, the next step is to take care of it (hence the coffee break). For the clothes or other items you’re donating, put them into bags to bring out to your car. While you’re at it, load up any items that you’re planning on taking to the tailor for repairs, like that one oh-so-cute and springy floral women’s blouse that’s just missing a few buttons.

This is also when you get to take items like your women’s winter parka and your Christmas sweaters or snow boots to storage. While these winter essentials have served you well all season, they’ll get in the way of feeling like you have a refreshed closet just in time for spring, so it’s best to make room for your cute sneakers and maxi dresses instead. Don’t worry, they won’t miss you too much from their safe and snug hideaway in the attic or garage!

These three steps are just a few of the ways you can spring clean your closet, and with the right mindset (and caffeine levels), we promise they’ll feel like a breeze. Once your closet is ready for the season, you will be, too!


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