3 Outfits That You Can Wear With Huarache Sandals

3 Outfits That You Can Wear With Huarache Sandals

Have you recently invested in your first pair of huarache sandals and simply can’t get enough of them? The wonderful thing about this casual yet ultra-fashionable sandal is that it is practically effortless to find an outfit to pair them with. Because of the neutral tan color and the shoe’s classic look, you can wear them in spring, summer, and even at the start of fall with a variety of outfits. Whether you’re quickly putting together an outfit to run some last-minute errands or looking for stylish shoes to wear to a family reunion, huarache sandals go well with everything from straight black work pants to cotton dresses to linen shorts and more. Looking for outfit inspiration? Here are some classic outfits to get you started. 

1. A Pair of Blue Jeans and a Cute Top 

You can never go wrong with a flattering pair of blue jeans combined with huarache sandals. Trying to figure out what jean cut looks best with this fashionable footwear choice? There are plenty of women's jeans that go well with huarache sandals. Just make sure to look for a pair that won’t go past the ankles. You don’t want to hide your huarache sandals — you want to show them off! Whether you prefer high-waist, mid-rise, or low-rise boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, or any other type of jean, each style goes magnificently with huarache sandals. And thanks to the neutral tan color of leather huarache sandals, you can wear them with any jean color, whether it’s a dark wash, light wash, or even something bright like green or pink. If it’s a hot summer day and the last thing you want to do is wear jeans, opt for a lightweight material like capris or loose, linen pants.  

When deciding on a top for your outfit, first consider the season and climate. Is it early fall and you’re not quite ready to put the sandals in storage and whip out the boots? Get a little more use out of your huarache sandals and wear them with your favorite pair of jeans and a cute long-sleeve shirt, a lightweight turtleneck, or an open cardigan. During the spring and summer months, floral or solid-colored blouses or a simple, casual tee all work well with the versatile sandals that go nicely with so many clothing colors and styles. 

2. Your Favorite Summer Dress

Just as huarache sandals pair nicely with blue jeans or comfy shorts, they go beautifully with a wide range of summer dress styles. While it is entirely up to you what type of dress you wish to wear, feel free to try something knee or calf-length rather than a long maxi dress for women that will inevitably end up covering up your gorgeous huarache sandals half the time.

If you’re going for a more casual, daytime look, huarache sandals can instantly give a simple gray or black cotton dress an even more stylish look. If you need to put together a dressier outfit for the office or a date night with your significant other, pair your huarache sandals with a brightly colored, floral, or patterned midi dress.  Alternatively, huarache sandals can be worn stylishly with a midi skirt and cute top. The flat design of the huarache sandals paired with a loose, flowy midi skirt gives off some serious Audrey Hepburn vibes.

3. A Simple White Top and a Pair of Colorful Shorts

This is an iconic summer look that is ridiculously easy to piece together and will have you looking stylish and summery while feeling unbelievably comfortable. Simply pick your favorite white top, whether it’s a ribbed cotton tank, a crisp white tee, or a plain, loose white top that you can tuck into your shorts. Next, pick a pair of bright, colorful shorts to contrast your plain white top. It doesn’t matter what material you pick. Something loose and comfy like linen would work well (especially if you live in a humid climate). The sky's the limit when it comes to the color and design of your shorts. Stick to bright, bold, solid colors like pink, blue, green, or even red. Or you could opt for something like tropical patterns or animal prints.

After you’ve picked out your clothing, accessorize with anything from a floppy hat and sunglasses, a watch or bracelet, and your favorite clutch or crossbody purse. Finally, you’re ready to slip on your huarache sandals and take on the day, whether that’s touring a quaint town you’re vacationing in or heading to the grocery store to prepare for the dinner party you are hosting. 

Feeling ready to put an outfit together with your new huarache sandals? No matter what occasion you are dressing up for, your huarache sandals are sure to add even more style to your outfit.


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