Top 3 Jeans to Gift to Your Kids This Christmas

While the space under the tree is likely occupied by must-have toys and gadgets your kids have been begging for all year, there's also room for a few pairs of comfortable kids' jeans. They'll make your life easier when you're helping them get dressed year-round, and you can count on them to wear well with everything from cozy sweaters in the winter to laid-back T-shirts in the summer.

The advantage of shopping for great denim now is that your little ones will be prepared for anything, from heading back to school to playing outside with friends. Moreover, they're timeless enough that fashion-minded children will love them, and relaxed enough to wear every single day of the week. Here are three key styles to keep in mind to give them this Christmas.


There's simply nothing more easy for a kid to pull on than a pair of jeggings for girls. If your little one isn't wild about zipping or buttoning up, then stretchy bottoms are absolutely the way to go. They provide your child with the appearance of casual jeans and the comfort of leggings, and they pair well with absolutely everything. That makes for some quick and easy dressing in the mornings, especially if you didn't have time to put together their ensemble the night before. You can easily pair them with an oversized tunic or cozy sweater and sneakers for a fun everyday look on a cool day. On warmer days, they're great with laid-back T-shirts and ballet flats or sandals.

Jeggings are available in a variety of colors to appeal to the little fashionista in your life. Maybe she's into the traditional denim look, in which case you can select from light to dark washes easily. But if she's got a flair for vivacious patterns, don't hesitate to gift her one or two pairs adorned with a dotted print or a bold camouflage finish.

Bootcut Jeans

Among the most popular girls' pants silhouettes is the almighty bootcut. There are so many reasons to consider this versatile style for your young one's wardrobe. She might not be comfortable in a traditional straight leg or a skinny jean. She may even have a thing for vintage fashion if she's a little older and starting to come into her own.

A great pair of bootcut jeans contributes to an already well-rounded wardrobe. The style is characterized by a traditional bell silhouette that captures the spirit of the 1970s but is truly modern thanks to its place in girls' contemporary fashion. It's a chic style to wear with a chunky turtleneck sweater and a pair of boots, or a light T-shirt and a pair of canvas sneakers.

Another advantage of bootcut jeans is their year-round versatility. They're not limited to a specific season, although she's bound to love wearing hers when it's chilly outside; naturally, a pair of bootcut jeans also makes a great partner for a cozy kids' winter coat.

Girlfriend Jeans

You may be familiar with the popular boyfriend jean. It's known for its relaxed silhouette and easygoing, everyday-appropriate appeal. If your child loves that look, she might be interested in the “girlfriend” jean (sometimes referred to as boy-fit denim) which offers a fresh, contemporary, and fun take on the look.

The style boasts a generally classic yet understated look that works well with everything in her closet. Girlfriend jeans are characterized by a higher rise and a slightly tapered, straight leg, though it's not unusual to find styles that are fuller in the hips and thighs. They come in available in numerous options, which is great for a fashionable gal who loves something playful and a bit funky. Iron-on patches add a little personality and character to these chic and comfortable jeans. Paired with a plain white tee, these jeans contribute to the perfect style for everyday wear.

If her wardrobe is packed with hoodies, sweatshirts, and flannel shirts, then the girlfriend jean is the ultimate pair, especially when balanced out with sportier tops.

Fashionable Finds

Whether she's a denim fiend or new to wearing jeans, she'll love the thrill of receiving something cute, comfortable, and stylish. You might even want to throw in something extra and create a fun fashion gift–think cozy pajamas for girls, warm sweaters, and pretty dresses!

Jeans are a wardrobe staple that goes with just about everything, so gift a pair or two to the kids in your life and make it easy to dress stylishly this season.

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