8 Things to Put on Your Summer Fun Bucket List

8 Things to Put on Your Summer Fun Bucket List

Sometimes we get so excited about taking a summer break that the days can slip by without us noticing. Don't let your summer get away from you! Making a list of all the awesome activities you want to do this summer can help you capitalize on all the fun you should be having this season. Here are eight ideas to get you started on your own summer bucket list.

Backyard Barbecue

The grilling of delicious food? Check! Party atmosphere? Check! If you have a backyard and a grill, this summer activity is a no-brainer. Get a date on the calendar with a few friends (or more than a few) planning to attend and have a delicious backyard barbecue to celebrate the summer season. Have a few of your guests bring along some snacks for when the meat is cooking, then light up those burgers, hot dogs, kabobs, corn, and whatever else sounds good to you for a delectable summer spread.

Beach Day

You have to plan to spend at least one day lounging on the warm sand at the beach. The sea calls to us all, and most of us can answer during the summer. Learn to surf, build a sandcastle, explore the tide pools, play in the waves, take a nap in the sun, or do all those things. There are so many fun things you can do! Just remember to pack your beach towels and put on your sunscreen!

Summer Picnic

The outdoor weather is fantastic, and if you need a reason to get outside, a picnic is a perfect one! Find a nice spot at your local park and roll out the picnic blanket. Pack a basket full of sandwiches, fruits, and veggies, and bring along a chilled thermos of lemonade, and your menu is set. A cute summer dress and some women's sandals make an adorable summer outfit, and a frisbee or a friendly game of croquet can cover entertainment. What a great summer this is shaping up to be!


Not much is more romantic than perusing the night sky. Throw pillows and blankets in the back of the car and find a nice dark spot far away from the streetlights to lean back and enjoy the evening's celestial dance. Before you go, research which constellations are overhead and what they look like, then see who can spot which formation first! If you have a telescope, you can bring along, even better!

Road Trip

A bunch of people riding along a deserted highway with the radio blasting and everyone singing along as the car winds its way slowly toward a nearby national forest or national park is a memory in the making. Traveling with your friends or family, snacking on gas station munchies, and checking out some of the sights of our country is a great way to spend some quality summer time getting the most out of the season.

Summer Movie Night

Break out the popcorn! A summer movie night is a wonderful summer pastime. Hang a bedsheet, rent or buy a projector, and you have your own private movie theater. Whether you choose to watch a crowd favorite, an old classic or do a movie marathon, it's a fun way to spend time in the company of others while also catching some entertainment. Remember to dust off your outdoor furniture and bring in some blankets so people can keep warm in case the evening gets a little chilly.

Go to the Fair

County fairs usually make the rounds to the different states during summer. With wild rides, fun games, giant prizes, and quirky exhibits, county fairs can be extremely interesting. Do food dare challenges, see who can handle the fastest ride, find the oddest outfit or creation, and have fun seeing what there is to see.

Ride Bikes

This activity was a staple of many childhoods, yet it's one we often forget about. Remember riding a bike, feeling the balance, with the wind blowing in your hair and the sun on your face? It's a little bit of exercise and a whole lot of fun. Bring your bike to the boardwalk, ride a park loop, or even pop over to a farmers market. Take a moment to take in the scenic views and maybe buy yourself some ice cream to refuel for the trip back. It's a lovely way to spend a summer day.

These ideas are just a start! Think about all the fun things you would like to do or try this summer, make your list, then plan it into your schedule and have a total blast this summer!


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