5 Things to Check Off Your Pride Month Bucket List

5 Things to Check Off Your Pride Month Bucket List

June is Pride Month, and there’s no better time to cross some things off your bucket list. Here are five ways to celebrate Pride Month, along with outfit ideas to keep you looking stylish at every event.

Attend a Parade

Pride Month parades can be found in many localities around the world. Prepare for vibrant floats and energetic crowds, along with music and other forms of entertainment. Many Pride Month parades have food truck areas and booths where LGBTQIA+ community members and allies sell arts, crafts, and other local items. Often, these parades are part of a larger festival and occur throughout the month of June.

June is a warm month in most areas, so dress accordingly. Pride Month parades and festivals can go on for hours, so you’ll want to wear something that’s super-comfortable. Elastic-waist capri pants with a rainbow-graphic cotton tee is one fashion option—if you’re staying late and think the temperature may cool off during the evening hours, pack a lightweight cardigan in your tote bag for a layer of lightweight warmth. Another option for summer events is a button-front shirt dress in chambray; shirt dresses fit the trendy cottagecore vibe and can be dressed up with rainbow accessories for a Pride-related twist.

Go To a Film Festival or Have Your Own

Another thing to do during Pride Month is watch movies. If you’re lucky enough to have a Pride-Month film festival at a theater near you, consider attending. There are many movies made by LGBTQIA+ community members—including many directors and actors. Many of these films have LGBTQIA+ themes, and some—like Boys Don’t Cry with award-winner Hilary Swank—are based on true events. If there isn’t a Pride-Month film event near you, host your own. Invite friends and family over to watch two or three films and make it a party with plenty of refreshments and an intermission between films for socializing.

Short-sleeve women’s cotton sweaters are great for wearing to a movie theater, as they tend to be air-conditioned. Or layer a denim jacket over a dress and slip into comfortable sandals. Wide-leg cropped pants with a fitted tank and a long open cardigan is another outfit idea that works for a Pride-Month film festival.

Participate in a Fundraiser

Help out with an LGBTQIA+ fundraiser to check another item off your bucket list. One way is to set up a booth and sell handmade items, then donate the proceeds to the organization hosting the fundraiser or the charity associated with it. If you’re not the crafty type, volunteer to help out with someone else’s booth—you could greet visitors, sell merchandise, collect money, and hand out brochures with educational information.

Because these events are usually outside, dress for the weather. Any shorts-and-tee combo should work, whether you prefer women’s Bermuda shorts or a different style. Tank tops are ideal for summer events, too. You can layer another top over a tank. Women’s boatneck tops have a vintage vibe and enough room for the tank-top straps to peek through for an on-trend layered look. Choose a style with 3/4-length sleeves for partial arm coverage.

See an LGBTQIA+ Speaker

Although Pride Month is fun to celebrate, it’s also a good time to educate yourself. One way to do that is by seeing an LGBTQIA+ speaker, whether that takes place at a local event or online. There are virtual seminars you can book and watch right from your smartphone or computer.

If you’re attending a speaking event, a khaki skirt or skort with a white Oxford shirt is always appropriate and classically stylish. Wear white canvas sneakers to give your outfit a casual touch, or dress things up with a flat dress shoe or low heel. Indoor events also call for a lightweight cashmere cardigan or one made from a smooth cotton/modal blend.

Decorate with Rainbows

One of the easiest and most fun ways to celebrate Pride Month is to express yourself with rainbows. Place a rainbow flag on your porch or inside your home as an easy way to show your support and add color to your environment. Adorn yourself with rainbow apparel, whether you don a pair of rainbow socks or a multicolored top. There are rainbow bags and accessories such as buttons that you can pin to a jacket for festive flair.

There are rainbow-hued swimsuits for men and women, along with cover-ups in bright primary colors and bold prints, so you can express your Pride during a beach day or trip to the pool. Beach towels also come in bright colors for June, and some can be personalized with an embroidered monogram.

With a little planning, you can make this year’s Pride Month the best ever. Have fun with it, include your friends and family, and try to learn more about the LGBTQIA+ community and its challenges so you can be part of the solution.


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