Six Things All Kids Need for Their Backpack

Six Things All Kids Need for Their Backpack

Back-to-school season is just around the corner. When it comes to what to put in your kids’ backpacks, there are several handy essentials your kiddos need to get through their day. From their favorite after-school activities to everyday essentials, here are the things your kids’ need for a successful school year.

Their Favorite Lunchbox

Lunchboxes are absolutely essential for any school day. You can pack up your meals and a few snacks and have them all in one handy place. For younger kids, get them a lunchbox that features a few of their favorite things, such as a TV show, animal, or sports team. Older kids can have patterned or printed lunchboxes that show off their personal style. Alternatively, you can let your kids choose their own lunchbox for the year. Just be sure to clean the box daily or weekly to keep it fresh. Plop in an ice pack to keep the cooler chilled throughout the day. Be sure your child’s backpack has room for lunch or a way to attach a lunchbox to the outside. Look for straps, hooks, and compartments.

A Few Layers for the Day

Layers, such as kids' gloves, jackets, and hats are all important to pack for every day. Even just a sweatshirt is an excellent must-have to battle cold classrooms on hot days. Since the weather often changes throughout the day, having several layers to combat the changing weather makes all the difference in your kid’s comfort level. Opt to pack a jacket, rain layer, and a hat to keep your kid cozy. Change up the layers as the year goes on. For example, snow boots may be necessary for winter, but letting your kid wear their favorite tennis shoes while hustling down the halls on a snowy day. In summer, perhaps it’s a pair of sandals to cool off for the walk home. Having a separate space to stash some quick layers, like a small zippered pouch, is extra handy.

Accessories for After-School Activities

Nothing engages your kids more than having extracurricular activities to explore their interests. But juggling 10 activities can feel overwhelming. Set a schedule for yourself and your kids if they are old enough so that everyone knows what needs to be backed. Make sure they have their duffle bag for soccer practice or musical instrument with them. Then bring along any added extras like sunscreen, after-school snacks, footwear, a change of clothes, and other necessary items for their after-school programs. Keep a list of essentials and supplementary things to make your kids' after-school day an easier endeavor. Again, small storage compartments, or a shoulder bag that enables your kids to carry an additional bag for sports, will help keep your kids organized.

All the Paper, Pens, and Planners

Of course, no backpack is complete without homework, school projects, planners, pens, art supplies, and more. There may not be as much space for binders, folders, and notebooks in the digital age, but that doesn’t mean your kids don’t need these items too. Be sure to watch the school supplies list and make sure your kids have everything they need for a successful year — including the glitter glue! A backpack should be large enough to house everything they need for their day. As your kids get older, chances are they'll need more. With multiple classes and clubs, they'll want space for everything that drives them forward.

Tech for Learning

Don’t forget space for tech! Every kid’s backpack needs to have a space for technology. Whether it is a laptop, tablet, or another device, you’ll want chargers, battery packs, and extra storage. Use your school’s individual requirements to figure out exactly which kind of backpack your child needs. A protective pouch for tech keeps the war and tear to a minimum. You can even get a laptop backpack that has separate compartments for chargers and accessories. These essential items are required for learning, so be sure to pack them in a backpack that aims to prolong the life of your child’s tech.

A Water Bottle

Don’t forget to hydrate! Having a reusable water bottle ensures your kid has water on hand. Proper hydration increases focus, productivity, and health. A water bottle is a simple way to always be able to quench your thirst. You can use a metal, insulated water bottle and put ice in it. Or add a few drops of fruit juice to water to give it some flavor. Whatever it is, just be sure to clean it out after each day. External water bottle pouches are really handy for hydration — not to mention, they protect the contents of the bag from getting wet if the bottle were to leak.

When it comes to a kids' backpack, you’ll want to ensure your kiddos have enough room for all of the essentials. From the must-have learning tech to their favorite afterschool activity, you’ll need a backpack that suits their needs. Not to mention, you’ll also want to ensure the backpack fits. Choose a size-appropriate backpack so that your kids can handle the day ahead. Developing kids may want to use a rolling backpack if they need a lot of room to carry heavy objects. This sets your kids for a stellar school year of fun — and success.


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