3 Themed Party Ideas for Summer

3 Themed Party Ideas for Summer

Summer is the season to get outside and enjoy the extra free time and excitement in the air. There is plenty going on and many opportunities to get together. Throwing a party is just one of the ways you can pass the time with your favorite people. While impromptu get-togethers are always a fun treat, hosting a themed party can feel extra-special.

A party with a theme generates an added feeling of excitement because it allows your guests to dress up or contribute special types of food and drinks. What are some of the best ideas for a summer party? What kind of outdoor furniture and decorations can enhance this gathering? Here are three of the best party theme ideas for the season.

1) A Fancy Summer Garden Party

Care for a promenade? If you want something fancy and traditional, a chic garden party is a perfect way to kick off the summer season. This gathering works the best when your property has excellent landscaping, and you have a fair amount of walkways and places to explore. However, you can also pull off this theme in a smaller yard when you have the right furniture and decorations. Garden parties are meant to be "mix and mingle" events with light bites and drinks, so try a mix of high-top tables for a cocktail hour with proper sit-down tables in another area.

To create the ultimate upscale mood, you can order catering from your favorite restaurant and even hire the services of a few wait staff to really take your party to the next level. If you order hors d'oeuvres on your catering menu, these can be passed around during the initial part of your garden party before the official meal is served.

Decorating a garden party is straightforward too. You can pre-order fresh blooms from a local florist or go to your nearest craft store and get sweet faces and silk flowers to use as centerpieces for each of your cables. Our selection of plants and greenery is certainly a source of inspiration.

It's also advisable to rent tablecloths to create an elegant scene for your seating area. Also, since it's summer, be sure to provide plenty of shaded areas for your guests to relax during the heat of the day. Rocking chairs and other comfortable seating areas are also excellent places for your guests to enjoy some snacks and chat.

2) A Refreshing Luau Pool Party

When you want to beat the heat, there's no better way to party than by the poolside. Make your next aquatic gathering work by adding a luau theme to it. Decorations for this type of party are easy to find in practically any craft store. All you need to do is grab some leis, a backdrop or two, umbrellas for drinks, and whatever tablecloths and streamers that catch your eye to create your desired color scheme.

The food and drink for a luau pool party can be quite casual. Guests will be pleased with pizza delivery, some sodas from a cooler, and the presence of a poolside wet bar for the adults. On the invitation, tell your guests to wear a swimsuit and come ready to enjoy a fun, laidback celebration! This is an excellent idea to use for a birthday party, graduation, or any other occasion you want to celebrate in the summer.

3) A Chill 90s Barbecue

When you combine one of the best decades known to mankind with the best food in the world, you get a 90s BBQ! Now we may be a little biased, but there's nothing like listening to some awesome tunes while feasting on some freshly grilled hot dogs. Make this a BYOB event with plenty of casual games like corn hole and seating under a canopy with a pull-out table and fabric chairs. However, this doesn't mean you can't add a few fancy elements here and there.

Welcome your guests with a personalized doormat and order some custom drinkware with your guests' names on them so that nobody gets confused as the party goes on. And dressing is easy as 1-2-3! If you manage to find a 90s band t-shirt from the archives of your closet, match it with some men's or women's shorts for an outfit to match your party!

Of course, no 90s barbecue is complete without blasting all your nostalgic songs on your preferred speaker. You can stick to a budget by connecting your phone to a wireless speaker and placing it outdoors. Not only will these be just loud enough to provide entertainment, but they won't disturb your neighbors because they're not professional speakers. The Amazon Echo is also an excellent streaming device that has just the right volume to entertain your guests. It's convenient because you can speak to it and request songs as they come to mind.

There are so many ways to celebrate this summer, especially when you take the party outside. Try some of these party themes to get the crew together!


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