The Yolo Years

The Yolo Years

Life certainly has its ups and downs for everyone, but you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t have at least one thing worth celebrating. As the years roll on, many people have incredible milestones to look forward to and plenty of reasons to celebrate them. Whether you are planning a 50th wedding anniversary or a 100th birthday party for Nana, there are many ways to sit back together as a family and reflect on all that she has achieved. In this post, we will take a look at some of the top ways to celebrate the most significant milestones in your life.

A Milestone Birthday at Home

Is grandma or grandpa turning 90 or even 100? That is most certainly something worth celebrating! The fun part is coming up with unique ways to celebrate the special occasion. If the matriarch or patriarch within your family enjoys quiet, intimate, memorable celebrations, organize a small birthday party in the comfort of their own home or yours. Take this time to make the party extra special by serving their favorite foods and drinks throughout the years, setting up a photo table with plenty of photos of your loved one, and having each party guest write a few of their favorite memories of that person. Get your information from online research and create a Pinterest board to get the theme, food, drink, and music just right. If you are throwing a surprise birthday party for grandpa or grandma, do a little investigative research about their old childhood memories or anything they are particularly fond of. Store their favorite little treasures in a seagrass basket and surprise them with it. Use the newfound information to influence your party decor, meal plan, games, and other activities for the big day.

A Milestone Birthday Bonanza

Not every granny wants a quiet birthday at home with family. While that certainly does sound nice, if grandma is turning 100, it’s totally understandable that she might want to celebrate with the party of the century in style! A large-scale birthday party for a milestone birthday can be planned in a variety of ways. Try to tailor the party to fit the interests of your centenarian. Create a party theme and decor set up you know he or she will love, complete with photos, centerpieces, and other decorative pieces that stir up cherished memories for them. If you are throwing a large birthday party, make things easy on yourself by hiring a caterer and working with someone who can whip up all his or her favorite dishes. If there is a specific era or genre of music they love, make sure to have the band or DJ play all those beloved tunes! A large-scale party is undoubtedly more work than a party at home, but you can execute an unforgettable event that doesn’t lose its sentimental value and personal touch.

A Birthday Bash Abroad

If you are celebrating a milestone birthday for an older relative with enough energy to travel, an adventurous getaway may just be the right move! Instead of planning a birthday at home or at a local venue for a big birthday bash, gather your family members for a birthday trip. This could be anything from a leisure cruise or a getaway to an all-inclusive resort. With trips like cruises and all-inclusive resorts, everyone can enjoy a leisure experience with minimal planning and effort. Trips like these allow you and your family members to focus on why you are really there: to celebrate your loved one and spend quality time together — made even better by a beautiful destination.

The Big Day Part Two

Is someone in your family celebrating a significant anniversary? Whether your loved ones are celebrating their 30th, 40th, 50th, or even 60th wedding anniversary, all of those years are significant accomplishments worthy of a giant party! One way to turn that wedding anniversary celebration into an unforgettable event is to make it a vow renewal. What could possibly be more touching than witnessing two 90-year-old people who have been in love for decades declare their love to each other again? You can take remnants of their original wedding day and include them in the vow renewal/wedding anniversary party. Perhaps you serve the same type of cake that was served at their wedding or have the bride wear her wedding dress or parts of her wedding dress. If there was a specific decor theme the married couple had on the wedding day, you could replicate it with modern decor or cozy, casual pieces for an outdoor wedding, such as outdoor rocking chairs and throw blankets.

Planning a big celebratory occasion for the loved ones in your life? Whether you are planning a birthday, an anniversary, or any other special event, we have everything you need right here at Lands’ End!


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