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The Winter Wardrobe Staples Every Woman Needs

The main theme of any woman's winter wardrobe should be cozy. Although you can still be stylish and make a fashion statement during the winter, why wouldn’t you want to make those statements while wrapped up in luxuriously soft, warm clothing? Here are a few cozy staples you should include in your winter closet.

Ridiculously Cozy Flannel Pajamas

Your nightwear wardrobe is just as important as your daytime wardrobe, especially during the cold winter months. One item that should be found in every woman’s drawer is a pair of cozy flannel pajamas. The soft, warm material is just the thing to wear at bedtime while you watch TV or read a few pages of a book before drifting off to sleep. And there is something undeniably festive about colorful, plaid flannel pajamas around the holiday season. It just makes your pajama wear that much more fun. To maximize levels of comfort and warmth, finish off your flannel pajama attire with a pair of fuzzy socks or shearling fur moccasin slippers and a plush robe. You’ll have a hard time being convinced to wear anything else during the winter!

A Thick Scarf or Shawl–Or Both!

A scarf or shawl is both a fashion accessory and a functional, practical piece that belongs in everyone’s wardrobe: men, women, children, grandparents, aunts, and uncles–basically, everyone. During the winter season, a thick wool shawl wrap or soft cashmere scarf is just the thing your neck needs to keep warm and just the thing your entire winter outfit needs to be complete. You will want to invest in one solid go-to scarf that becomes the scarf you grab when you are on the go. After you’ve nailed down your main scarf–something that meets your standards for comfort and style–you can start to play around with other scarf or shawl styles. Maybe you want to introduce a print scarf into your wardrobe or something a little more formal that’s reserved for special occasions.

A Soft Cashmere Sweater

Of course, during the fall and winter seasons, you want to stock up on a handful of high-quality women’s sweaters. But there is one sweater, in particular, you don’t want to miss: the cashmere sweater. A material like this is the epitome of luxury. The buttery sensation of this textile is soothing on your skin and will not only keep you warm, but feeling blissfully soft and cozy all day. Let’s face it: There are winter days ahead that are just going to be rough. You’re faced with wiping snow and chiseling ice off your car, bundling up to take the kids to school, and taking the dog for a walk when the temperatures are downright frigid. What can you wear to get you through this harsh weather? A cashmere sweater.

And a cashmere sweater isn’t just about comfort. It’s a luxurious, sophisticated item that can be worn for a multitude of occasions, whether you are just planning to hang out around the house or you are going to a friend’s house for a dinner party. A cashmere sweater, specifically one in a neutral color like grey or beige, is the perfect touch needed to bring an outfit to a whole other level. And the best part is you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to do so; in fact, your cashmere sweater will likely be one of the most comfortable pieces you own.

A Long Down Winter Coat

What is a winter wardrobe without a couple of winter coats? It’s been said that finding the right winter coat is like picking out the outfit you’ll be wearing every day for winter. A winter coat is a practical necessity, but finding something that is functional should not mean sacrificing style in the process. First, decide what length you need. A mid-length down winter coat (something that goes anywhere from just below the hips to a couple of inches above the knee) is arguably the most popular length option. However, you can also choose a down coat that stops at the hips or a down coat that goes all the way to the shins or ankles.

Think about your own style and functional needs before deciding on a length. Then, consider the color. Do you want something bold and daring, like bright cherry red? Or something neutral and practical like black? You could always fall somewhere in the middle and get a long down coat in a color like light blue or deep purple.

These are just a few winter staple ideas to get you started. Once you’ve covered the basics, have fun with your winter wardrobe and add cold weather accessories like warm slippers, robes, hats, and more!


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