The Ultimate Weekend Getaway (and what bag to pack).

The Ultimate Weekend Getaway (and what bag to pack).

The researching, the planning, the reserving…it all boils down to the next few days. But first things first. Grab your Weekender Duffle. Let’s pick a destination and get you packed for your ultimate weekend getaway.

Why do we love weekend trips?

Well, because you don’t love waiting all year for your vacation to roll around. As you’ve learned, waiting 360 days to relax before heading back to work inevitably leaves you counting down the days until next year’s vacation. Remember that last time you did the whole one-big-trip-per-year thing? You ended up wishing you were on vacation again before you even began your first full day back home. Lengthy, other-thought, once-a-year vacations just aren’t your cup of tea. You’re way more work-hard-play-hard than that (or maybe work-hard-relax-hard is more accurate). Luckily, so is your Canvas Weekender Duffle Bag. When what you need is a bit of R&R, the lightweight Weekender has a spot for each of your essentials. Feel free to leave the electronics behind. All you’ll need for your restorative weekend getaway is a good book tucked into the interior pocket of your Weekender Duffle, a few of your favorite pieces from women’s polo shirts to yoga pants …oh, and don’t forget to secure your keys on the key clip. You might need those when you decide to return to reality.

From desktop to Table Rock – throw in a few of these essentials first.

Sometimes when you’re trapped in the office all week, nature calls to you in a way that simply cannot be ignored. What’s a girl to do? The only way to silence the call, is to answer it. Feed your soul. Stuff your gear in your Weekender Duffle, throw your bag in the back and let’s go. Seriously, go on and throw it. This duffle is made of tougher than tough 20-ounce cotton canvas. That level of hold up power is tuff with two Fs. Durable might not even be a strong enough word to describe it. I mean…this bag can literally hold at least 200 pounds before it even runs the risk of breaking a strap, yet the bag itself is lightweight. That’s the power of science. Made strong and smart, the Weekender Duffle is perfect for toting everything from climbing gear to camping supplies. No matter what type of adventure you have up your sleeve, the Weekender Duffle is all in.

Looks like someone needs an altitude adjustment.

From the beauty of flowering springtime meadows to the wonder of snowcapped peaks, one thing is for sure: the mountains totally know how to get the job done. Just like the Weekender Duffle, the mountains work regardless of what job we saddle ‘em with. If you’re on the east coast, slip into Vermont for a little hiking. If you’re south, take in a few mountain trails along the Blue Ridge. At any time of year, a weekend in the mountains has a way of putting everything into perspective for us. Achieving clarity is practically a given. However, for some, the process of getting to the mountains involves a rather lengthy road trip…actually, make that a flight. No matter the mode of transportation, planes, trains and automobiles all welcome the sight of a Weekender Duffle onboard. It makes a perfect carryon bag. The Weekender tucks under the seat with ease leaving plenty of legroom during your travels.

Mommy and me and ballet make three.

When your mini-me applies the same work-hard-play-hard mantra that made you the woman you are today, what can you do but buckle up and enjoy the ride? There is nothing more fulfilling than supporting her as she drives toward her goals. Once again, the versatility of our Weekender Duffle ensures gold metal status is well within reach. Stick the shoes in first as you pack for two. The form holding reinforced bottom of our Canvas Weekender was designed to leave plenty of room for at least three pairs. Two-way zipper closure makes transforming her from street wear to flip ready a fumble-free experience.


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