The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Moms

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Moms

Holiday gift-giving is a little like the Superbowl of mom experiences. We are expected to not only be the best but to do it all while looking perfect. First, take a breath. Perfection is for TV moms. Besides, you’re already more fabulous than that just because you’re you. Let’s look at a few tips to make that holiday shopping easier and more fun this year.

Keep Them Cozy

Did someone say fleece? Nothing says holiday coziness like fleece. Whether you opt for fleece coats or men’s fleece jackets to keep them warm as the chill sets in or a fleece throw to keep them cozy indoors, you can’t go wrong with fleece. If you have vegans on your shopping list, they will not only appreciate how warm it is but also that no animals are used to create fleece as it’s synthetic. A fleece throw blanket has the advantage of not requiring you to know your recipient’s size. Because of this, they can make a great “emergency gift” to have on hand. They are also great for a new significant other of a family member or just someone whose size you couldn’t begin to guess.

Pajamas are another great way to keep them cozy. If they live or travel anywhere cold, flannel pajamas will be among their most loved gifts. They are beautiful, practical, and oh so comfy! Consider robes or slippers too. It’s amazing how many of us don’t think of buying these things for ourselves but still love to receive them.

Especially if you have college students or younger adults on your list, don’t forget how cozy new bath towels can be. This is one of those “quiet gifts” that you don’t usually hear touted on TV or social media but is bound to be appreciated for years.

Share an Experience

Sometimes the best gifts are a memory that you help them to make. Perhaps figuring out what they would wear or like in their home is a monumental task (we all have that one loved one), but you know for a fact what activities they enjoy. Try some tickets to the movies, a special theater production, a favorite concert, or the ballet to make their holiday brighter. It’s great if you can share the experience, but if they are far away, they will still think warmly of you when they are there and when they fondly recall it.

Indulge Them

The holidays are such a fun time to indulge our loved ones. Most of us have favorites that we are too practical to enjoy on a regular basis. There is nothing quite like opening a cashmere sweater or that favorite perfume for the holidays. Your loved ones have spent plenty of time being practical this year. Let them enjoy a little luxury, too.

Indulgences can also be experience gifts. What about a special weekend getaway? Maybe a mani-pedi, massage, or facial? We all love to be pampered. A thoughtful gift from you will give them the excuse they need to do just that.

Share a Memory

This one takes a bit more lead time, but can be among the most meaningful of gifts. Photos of good times you have shared through the years—weddings, graduations, family vacations, and fun hobbies together are all perfect topics to pull out and frame (either professionally or DIY). You can gift one, a set, or make a collage. They will love you for taking the time and cherish this gift for years to come.

Technology has taken this even further. Although framed photographs will always be appreciated, you could go for a whimsical gift like a photo of their dog on a coffee cup. Thanks to digital photography, you can have images placed on anything from mousepads to blankets.

Don’t Forget Yourself

While you’re running around being the hostess with the mostess and a fabulous gift giver, don’t forget to include yourself. You deserve some holiday treats too—and who better to pick them out? While you’re looking for others, don’t pass up that beautiful women’s sweater that you would love to have. Shopping for earrings for your niece? Why not consider a pair for yourself?

Experience gifts can be for you, too. Take a break from the hustle and bustle by grabbing your favorite coffee and getting a pedicure. Buy a pair of tickets for that movie that you want to see and take your sweetheart or a friend with you. Get up early while the house is quiet and sip your favorite tea and read something relaxing or inspirational. Stay up late and do the same thing when you are the only creature who’s still stirring. Moments of peace and quiet are a wonderful gift to give to yourself.

However you choose to enjoy the holiday season, keep the gift-giving easy and meaningful. With a bit of planning, you can make it your best holiday season yet.

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