3 Types of Coats for Women That Brave the Winter Chill

3 Types of Coats for Women That Brave the Winter Chill

You've either got one trusty do-it-all coat or maybe you've built a collection of similar coats (all the same color, of course). And then there's that one rogue coat that sits in your closet year-round: an impulse buy, a sign of the times, and it seems that no matter what happens there's rarely the need to wear a cheetah print denim jacket with sparkling sequins out and about in the world, let alone the winter.

There are, however, coats that are as practical as they are necessary to a well-prepared wardrobe. When it comes to winter, we suggest these types of women's coats for anyone trying to brave the cold.

The Bomber

It’s a staple. You know it, we know it. You don't have to go out of your way to look good, just toss it over your longer tunic and the bomber will have your back. Though it wants to go head-to-head with those wind-whipping blizzards with the same energy as its ancestral fighter pilot garb, this jacket will do its best comfort work for you in November and December. Consider a short bomber jacket in a vibrant playful color to chase away the gray days of winter.

A Well-Fitted Wool Coat

Wool coats are essential for those more impressionable days. Whether it be a wool fit and flare or car coat, the look appreciates with time and care. It's the coat you carry out of the office and into the theater. It doesn't matter if you're fixing potholes or filing paperwork during the day, at night it's a wool coat that speaks on your behalf.

The Storm Defiant Parka

While its purpose and function anticipate winter's doom and gloom, you'll notice that the highest quality parkas are rarely taking breaks once that first real storm rolls in. The parka is a sign of the adventurer, it's the companion for turbulent weather and impromptu decisions. We have never given winter permission to slow us down, so with a Lands' End parka, don't let winter assume where you may go.


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