The Single Mom's Guide to Getting Dressed in a Hurry

The Single Mom's Guide to Getting Dressed in a Hurry

Life as a single mom has its unique challenges, and it starts in the morning - getting the kids out the door on time. There's a lot to do and only one of you. But you can do anything, though, because you're a super mom.

Getting yourself dressed can feel like a hassle when you've got one hundred other things to do. But having things ready the night before and knowing where things will be is a great way to start. We've thought of a few time-savers to get you and the kids out the door in record time. You work hard to ensure your kiddos have everything they need and are ready for each day, so try to take it easy and pat yourself on the back. Let us help make mornings a breeze.

Have a Plan for the Morning

Mornings can be challenging for all of us, at least those who aren't morning people. But start the morning by making yourself whatever it is that gives you a reason to get up - for many of us, it's coffee. Try and do something for yourself - you deserve it!

If your children are young, we suggest getting ready before waking them so that you can have your hands free to focus on them once they're up. If your kids are in middle or high school, waking them up as soon as you are up (if they don't have alarms) will get the ball rolling.

If your child has difficulty remembering everything they need to do in the morning, it can be helpful to write down what they need to accomplish. Write each item: brush teeth, feed the dog, eat breakfast, get dressed, etc., on an individual popsicle stick and place them in one of two jars. As they accomplish each task, they can move the popsicle sticks from the first jar, labeled 'To-do,' to jar two, labeled 'Done.'

Get Yourself Dressed in a Hurry

When dressed in a hurry, we have a few tips. It comes down to keeping things simple and knowing where everything will be in the morning. Need to iron your clothes but don't have time? Hang clothes in the bathroom and let the shower steam iron them. Multitasking is critical, as you know.

One of the most stressful parts of the morning can be when you can't find things. Having an organized closet and canvas storage bins set up with accessories is a great way to be ready for the day.

Have your purse ready the night before and a designated area where you put it and your keys. If you have a lot of different handbags you switch amongst, it can be helpful to have a soft inner bag that holds the essentials you will be switching from bag to bag. That way, you know you'll have everything you need for the day.

As far as dressing goes, black is a classic color to match multiple items, and it's quick and easy in the morning. Plus, it's chic and always in style. Another quick go-to: dresses are a great option because you can throw leggings on underneath, add a few accessories, and you'll look great for the day.

Do as Much as You Can the Night Before

One of the best things you can do to make the morning smoother is to prepare as much the night before as possible. It's tough because you're probably exhausted after a long day of work and single parenting. After a few quick things as a nightly routine, you'll make mornings so much easier; it will be worthwhile.

A few things you can do the night before include setting out outfits for the next day. Start by checking the weather to anticipate what kind of outfits you'll need. Picking clothes is a little easier if your kids wear cute school uniforms. Otherwise, have the kids choose what they want to wear for the next day. If you've got a picky dresser, ask them to set out two different outfits from which they can choose in the morning. It doesn't hurt to check and ensure they remembered a matching pair of socks and clean underwear. The struggle to find a matching pair of socks in the morning can be the difference between making and missing the bus.

Ask the kids to finish their homework the night before, so they aren't doing assignments in the morning rather than getting ready. Next up, packing lunches the night before can save a ton of time in the morning or put money in the kid's backpacks if you opt for school lunch.

Between taking care of these three items the night before - the kids' clothes, lunch, and homework - you'll save a ton of time. You'll already have done much of the work before you even kick off the bedding and change out of your women's pajamas.


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