A Gift Guide for the Outdoor Enthusiast

A Gift Guide for the Outdoor Enthusiast

We all have those people in our lives who are always up for exploring a new cave, going on a hike, or traveling to some sought-after natural park. The outdoor enthusiasts we love are indeed interesting people with thrilling stories to share.

If there are people you know who love an exciting outdoor adventure, what better way to show your support of their outdoorsy dreams than to purchase practical items they could use on their next adventure? We have some suggestions for holiday gifts to give to people who can’t get enough fresh air. From ski jackets to packable jackets, pick a few options to brighten the spirit of any adventurer.

For Campers & Hikers

If your friend or loved one enjoys camping or hiking throughout the year, they probably own so much active apparel and gear already. They’ll still appreciate your gifts, especially if it’s fashionable or practical (or both). Stylish fleece, like a fleece jacket, fleece top, and fleece bottoms, will offer them comfort as they explore the outdoors. For colder days, insulated outwear, like a lightweight insulated vest, jacket, or coat, offers warmth without the bulk and is available with down or down-alternative padding. And packable jackets will elevate their game.

For warmer days, they’ll appreciate moisture-wicking underwear and shirts, especially items featuring their favorite color or a chic design or pattern. As an alternative to sneakers in hotter, weather, cushioned sandals with traction will provide support with every step. They’ll love thoughtful gifts for rainy days spent in the mountains, like raincoats, duck boots, and rain boots. Just make sure you know their proper measurements before investing in quality boots.

For gifts that are a bit different, buy stylish sleepwear for fashionable outdoor enthusiasts, especially those who like glamping. Comfy pajamas made from cozy material will let them sleep in luxury under the stars.

For Beach Beauties

For surfers or those who love spending time at the beach, give chic swimwear they can wear during their next trip. There are so many styles and patterns to choose from, so start first with the design. Also, go all out and purchase chic swim cover-ups too, like a silky kaftan, so they can lounge in luxury as they soak in some sun. For something sentimental, get a monogrammed beach towel, blanket, or beach mat for your sunshine-loving friends or loved ones.

Anyone would appreciate a pair or two of fashionable silver-tone or gold-tone sunglasses. It’s a plus if you know their favorite styles, such as cat-eye, round, square, or heart-shaped. If they love to keep their accessories close, get them a monogrammed canvas tote bag. And if they like to hang out with their furry friend while hitting the beach, perhaps gift a personalized dog tote. A nautical-inspired pattern or awning stripes lend beachy vibes. And a patterned cooler will make their beach days more refreshing.

They'll love floppy or sun hats, especially hats with a foldable, easy-to-pack construction. And for fun times, floaters with a quirky design—like food or animal floaters—will give them a laugh.

For Skiing & Snowboarding Lovers

For hardcore outdoor winter sports enthusiasts, research before purchasing so that you give them gifts they can use without sacrificing style. If they like to blow off steam snowboarding and skiing, whether they’re a beginner or pro, the right chilly-weather apparel and gear will allow them to move effortlessly while keeping warm. Quality and comfortable fleece or wool tops and waterproof and insulated ski or snowboard jackets will let them own the slopes. Breathable jackets with multiple pockets provide convenient storage. Choose a design or color you think they’ll love.

Purchase some durable, insulated men’s snow pants or women’s snow pants with a windproof and waterproof finish to go with their tops and outerwear. Many snow pants feature articulated knees for ease of movement, sealed seams, and an elasticized waistband for a comfortable fit. And for an alternative, snow pants with overall straps provide an adjustable and more secure fit.

Matching cold-weather accessories will finish off their look. A toasty knit winter hat or another head accessory, like a beanie or trapper hat, will offer warmth. You’ll make an impression by giving a helmet or goggles to protect their head and eyes from snow, wind, and glare. For stocking gifts, pick out a pair of waterproof and insulated gloves or mittens.

For Explorers & Wanderlusters

For that friend or family member who’s always off exploring a new cave or snapping photos of beautiful sites like the Grand Canyon, update their gear with a new camera and portable phone charger. That way, they can keep on trekking to their destination without worrying about their phone dying, and they’ll have multiple ways to take photos of the scenery for Instagram.

Water bottles are so stylish these days, so they’ll appreciate a new and cool source of water to assist them on their journey. It’ll be even more meaningful if you personalize the water bottle with their name. Plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, and glass are all materials you can choose from. Some water bottles are easier to clean than others for those who are always on the go, and others have features like an attached carabiner, an eco-friendly design, a collapsible design, and an infuser.

Finally, for an adventurer at heart, a quality backpack with multiple compartments, pockets, and padded straps will allow them to explore while keeping necessities close.

Shopping for adventurous people can be so much fun. Remember to shop early to purchase quality gifts for people who love the outdoors.

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