Care Package

The Old College Try: Making a Care Package to Help Them Survive Finals

Your college student works hard to keep those grades up and keep all their priorities straight. Whether they’re active in student organizations, work a job for spending money, or just focus on school, they’ve probably got a lot on their plate. As their parent you’re right to be proud of them, and of course you want to make that end of semester push go a little smoother.

Sending a care package can be a great way to help lift their spirits in the dark days of finals season, and it reminds them that you’ve got their back. Care packages send a little bit of home to their home-away-from-home. Your student’s favorite snacks and homemade goodies will always be welcome, but if you want your care package to feel a little more personal, we’ve got a few ideas.

Hung by the non-mantel with care

Dorm rooms by and large don’t allow open flames inside, so your student probably doesn’t have a fireplace and mantel in their room. That doesn’t mean they can’t get in the holiday spirit! Buy them a classic Christmas needlepoint stocking and have it embroidered with their name. They’ll love displaying their stocking in their room, but they’ll probably love what you put in it even more. Candy and treats are a must here, a vital part of providing emotional support for your hardworking guy or gal.

Set their bed up

Those sheets and the comforter you bought them in August are maybe not looking so great by this time in the semester. College students aren’t always known for staying on top of things like laundry, so those sheets may need a refresh. For winter, we love how flannel sheets provide just the right amount of warmth and coziness. Our flannels are brushed for softness and are made from premium cotton to stand up to plenty of wear and tear.

While you’re at it, why not send them a lovely Christmas comforter? Just a little splash of holiday spirit on their bed can really help lift your student’s spirits. Between new sheets and a comforter, their bed will be feeling all new and nice, and they’ll appreciate how comforting it all is – when they actually manage to get some sleep.

Get spirited!

Finals stress can cause school spirit to flag – why would you ever love a place that’s causing you so much anguish? Remind your student that you care about them, and that their education is important. Buy them some bath towels that coordinate with their school colors. You can have the towels monogrammed with your student’s name or their college rally cry. You could also go with a sweater in a coordinating color. That sweater will be warm and comforting – exactly what they need to ease the pressure of their mounting workload.

College is stressful, and it’s not supposed to be easy. With a little care and consideration, you can play a big part in helping the college student in your family make it through the semester’s final stretch. You can help them feel more comforted and motivated, and you’ll all be glad you did.

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