The Loafer Trend: How to Wear Yours This Fall

The Loafer Trend: How to Wear Yours This Fall

Are you looking for the ultimate shoe that defies fashion rules by being classic, trendy, and comfy simultaneously? If so, look no further than the loafer. Let’s look at the loafer trend and how to wear your favorite loafers this fall.

Flat Loafers

Flat loafers are timeless. The preppy look of loafers with a blazer and women’s white blouse, paired with a skirt or pants is always on point for fall. Or perhaps you prefer the classic 50’s look of loafers with jeans and a T-shirt or blouse.

This fall, loafers are also popular with big, chunky sweaters and women’s jeans with a medium wash and wide-cut leg. Although timeless, younger celebrities like Kendall Jenner, and Zoë Kravitz have been spotted out and about in their favorite loafers, too. Isn’t it fun to see fashion come full circle?

Patent Leather Loafers

For extra interest, wear patent leather loafers. These are a fun fall option because a pair of black patent leather loafers will take you almost anywhere. Wear them with your favorite maxi dress for a fun spin on business casual or an evening out. Patent leather loafers will work just as well you’re your favorite jeans and a comfy T-shirt. A classic white T-shirt and either skinny dark wash jeans or medium wash straight or baggy jeans are nice choices for this look.

Another fun combination for your black patent loafers is black stirrup leggings and an oversized sweater. This outfit is great for casual days, evenings, and weekends, and is every bit as comfy as it looks. This ensemble almost has a 90s retro feel to it while being up to date for the current 20s.

Loafer Mules

They started in warm weather and are continuing into fall — take a flat mule and make it oh so sophisticated with a bit of decoration with that classic loafer look from mid-foot forward. Seriously, why haven’t loafer mules been popular for decades? They are smart looking, comfy, and put together enough to go with your best blouse and dress pants for a new business casual option.

Loafer mules are a bit more of a warm weather shoe as they don’t provide heel coverage, but especially if you will be indoors, they are a great look for fall. Consider buying a pair in black so you can wear them year-round. When the mercury drops too far, you can put them away until early spring and then pull them out for a fun look when it may still feel too early for sandals.

Platform Loafers

What do you get when you take a classic shoe design and elevate it? Platform loafers! If you're a bit adventurous with your footwear, consider this new addition to the loafer family. Platform loafers are simply the loafer you know and love on a higher base. This makes them easier to walk in than heels and gives your classic look a twist. If you enjoy the feeling of being a bit taller than what a flat shoe can do for you, this is also an advantage of platform loafers

Pair them with jeans or casual pants and your favorite women’s sweater for an easy outfit that will turn heads. The classic lines of the top part of the shoe will “anchor” this look while the platform creates new interest.

Lug Sole Loafers

Great for those chunky sweaters and baggy jeans looks, lug sole loafers will give you a great foundation for your fall style. Once again, this is the classic loafer with a twist. Lug soles are mostly worn for fashion these days, but they also provide a bit more traction for rainy or snowy fall days (we have those in Wisconsin). Black is a great color for lug sole loafers, but brown will also work and might be a better choice depending upon what colors of belts and handbags you prefer for fall. There is no reason to go “matchy-matchy” here, but you will want all the leather in your ensemble to coordinate for a finished look from head to toe.

Loafer Details

If you love metal detailing on loafers, stick with either gold or silver unless you have multiple pairs of loafers. A great look is to have the metal on your shoes match your favorite color of metal for your jewelry. Many women prefer yellow gold jewelry or white gold or silver jewelry. Keeping that same metallic neutral color in your outfit from top to bottom will create a cohesive look you'll love. Whether you wear your loafers with your favorite dress or your favorite pants and, blouse, and cardigan sweater, let the details of your loafers put the finishing touches on your outfit. Have fun rocking the loafer trend this fall!


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