The Crop Pant: The Perfect Office Essential

The Crop Pant: The Perfect Office Essential

Workwear doesn’t have to be all suits and dresses. Instead, you can have fun with your office attire with professional outfits that are still conservative and chic. Among the best alternatives for the office, women’s cropped pants are a staple that can be worn in almost any temperature and can be paired with a variety of tops for a look that is transitional and polished.

Whether you work in a formal environment or a more business-casual setting, the crop pant can go almost anywhere depending on how you style them. Here is our guide to wearing these classic pants to work.

Why We Love the Crop Pant

The crop pant is not your traditional pair of women’s dress slacks or work pants. Rather, these pants are elegantly tailored with a slim fit that falls to just above the ankle. This classic cut is fairly modern and has a cutting-edge feel that can be either dressed up or dressed down depending on your needs and personal style. The crop pant can be worn either formally or on a casual Friday based on how you style it. One of the greatest benefits and reasons we love the crop pant is because, with this length, you can show off your shoes and dainty ankles. We invite you to wear your statement heels for a style that is enviable and trendsetting.

Additionally, you can pair your crop pants with just about anything, from luxe cashmere sweaters to simple T-shirts and sneakers for casual days off. Crop pants come in a variety of styles from leggings to corduroys, and you can switch up your style entirely through different patterns like polka dots, floral prints, or solid shades in eye-popping colors.

How to Style Your Crop Pant for the Office

For the office, wear a more conservative look that doesn’t raise any eyebrows or turn a lot of heads. We like to stick with clean lines and polished clothing that looks effortless and is classic and comfortable. Crop pants are a modern take on more traditional bottoms, and they allow you to introduce some trendy styles into the mix with a clean, fitted look that can be paired with whimsical jewelry or accessories to reflect your personal style. Wear your crop pants with a button-up blouse tucked in and in a neutral color like white, cream, or black. Mix this style with a solid-colored crop pant and a pair of closed-toed heels or ballet flats for another timeless look. For a bolder style, try pairing a statement pair of crop pants in a bright hue or vivid pattern with an oversized luxurious, soft cashmere sweater in a complementing color. Tuck the front of the sweater into the top of the pants and pair the look with a pair of neutral closed-toed heels or ballet flats. Add complementing bold earrings to finish off the look. Your style is sure to attract the right kind of attention while maintaining a professional and sophisticated air.

What to Pair with Your Crop Pant

On offer is a variety of crop pant designs so you can seek out those styles that best suit you. With so many different variations on crop pants, you can choose from bright and bold colors and patterns, or more sophisticated neutral colors. Whether you choose to coordinate your pants with matching tops or stick with classic neutrals, women’s white blouses, turtlenecks, sweaters, simple cami tops, button-down shirts, and cardigans all pair perfectly with these pants. Additionally, feel free to play with your shoe game when wearing crop pants, while always keeping it office-appropriate. Remember, as a rule of thumb for workwear, keep your shoulders and toes hidden. Instead of strappy sandals, opt for closed-toed shoes like pumps, boots, or ballet flats.

Taking Your Crop Pant from Day to Night

For those workdays that bleed into the night, or for when you have to run from work to an evening date, your crop pant is the perfect option. Keep things simple when dressing for both work and play, and instead of layering up, stick with classic staples. One of our favorite looks is a solid pair of crop pants paired with a white, fitted button-down shirt and black ballet flats or heels. During the day, you can wear your shirt buttoned up, but come night time, pop your collar and add some extra sass for a classic look that borderlines menswear and is also cool and chic.

For all your workwear woes, the crop pant is the ultimate staple item that can be dressed up or dressed down and worn both day and night for a look that is classic and sophisticated. Pair with almost anything for a conservative work style that you can customize for your own.


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