The Coziest Fabrics For Fall and Winter

The Coziest Fabrics for Fall and Winter

There are endless things to love about the warmer seasons, from backyard BBQs and beach days to park picnics and breezy summer dresses. But that doesn’t mean the colder months are any less special, especially if you’re all about those cozy vibes. Fall is the official start of sweater weather, which is a magical time for most of us, and winter brings even more opportunities to get comfy-cozy.

Of course, those breezy summer dresses won’t be the best way to have a comfortable fall or winter (unless you’re ready to layer up!). These colder seasons call for different attire, and the right seasonal apparel begins with one key element: the fabrics. Read on for the coziest fabrics for fall and winter that’ll transform those seasonal chills into seasonal chilling in serious comfort.


It wouldn’t feel like fall and winter without busting out your finest fleece. Fleece is soft, cozy, and a fuss-free way to stay warm on chilly days or nights. Fleece is made from polyester, so you’ll often find fleece products that are a blend of polyester and spandex. And if you’ve ever worn fleece pajamas, then you already know that this fabric is about as cozy as it gets.

Fleece isn’t just for PJs, of course. Fleece is also a very common material for vests, pullover hoodies, and zip-up jackets. You can wear fleece outerwear over your loungewear around the house on a cold-weather lazy Sunday, out and about as your top layer on a fall day, or as a layer under your parka on a particularly cold winter day.


Next up on our list is classic corduroy, which is having a moment thanks to the cottagecore trend. Corduroy is a cozy knit option for fall and winter, often made from a cotton and polyester blend with a distinct “cord” texture. Super-soft knit corduroy is a great choice if you’re going for the cottagecore aesthetic or looking for slightly dressier options for cold-weather bottoms.

Rock a pair of comfy corduroy leggings or straight-leg pants with a tunic-length sweater and Chelsea boots for a season office look, or layer a corduroy button-up over a long-sleeve cotton t-shirt for a look that’s both cozy and very on-trend.


We love velvet for the colder months because it’s as snazzy as it's comfy-cozy. Velvet was originally made from silk, but today you’ll often find velvet items made with cotton or synthetic fibers. The result is a soft, almost-shimmery fabric perfect for leggings, pants, dresses, skirts, and blouses.

Velvet apparel is a perfect option for holiday parties, fall or winter dinner dates, or any other cold-weather occasion when you want to look as good as you feel. Silky-soft, effortlessly dressy, and velvety, this fabric is a must-have for your seasonal attire.


Fall isn’t just the official start of sweater weather – it’s also the beginning of “flannel weather,” too. Fall and flannel just go hand in hand, like pumpkin and spice or hot cocoa and marshmallows, and there are so many ways to rock this comfy fabric all throughout autumn and winter. For example, flannel pajamas, are an essential sleepwear item for the colder months. Flannel PJs are ideal for cozying up for a cold-weather movie marathon, opening presents on Christmas morning, a magical fall or winter cabin getaway, or just drifting off to dreamland on a particularly chilly night.

Flannel isn’t just the perfect fabric for PJs, though. It’s also a common material for button-ups. Flannel shirts are a must-have for layering during the colder months and look great paired with jeans and boots for weekend wear. Flannel is made distinct from other wool, cotton, or fiber blends through a “napping” technique, giving it a seriously cozy and oh-so-soft flannel texture.


Like velvet, cashmere is an absolute must-have for those special occasions when you still want to feel cozy. It's as luxurious as it gets – like you’re treating yourself every time you slip on this cloudlike material (and you deserve it!). This type of wool fabric is known for being ridiculously soft and insulated.

Cashmere is also effortlessly dressy and can instantly elevate any look. Pair a cashmere sweater with jeans for weekend brunch with your gal pals, with a pair of dress pants for a fancy dinner date, or layer it over a special occasion dress for a holiday party.

Beat the cold-weather blues and lean into those cozy vibes with fleece, corduroy, velvet, flannel, and cashmere. With these fabrics in your closet, you’ll be covered (literally and figuratively) all fall and winter long.


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